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  1. @LispWarez i tried it myself, but fact is: xp pro x64 is "win 2003 SP1". as you might have read on the multiboot forums, MS somehow changed the setupldr.bin since this version - there are a few threads discussing this problem, but non with a real solution for x64 @nazgul got you PM and replied
  2. @LispWarez even if this awesome tool were able to create the x64 boot files there is no way to integrate the x64 into a multiboot CD, since the modified setupldr.bin will not be excepted @Nazgul i have sent you a PM for the dosnet.inf's i hope you will add x64 support, even though including to a multibot is not possible, at the moment, but who knows... mabey this gets fixed soon.
  3. thx for the nice tool, will try it out soon
  4. hi everybody, im trying to add xp pro x64 edition to my multiboot. only problem is, that the things that need to be edited within setupldr.bin seem to have changed. has anybody else tried this yet ?
  5. sorry guys. i was very busy last few days. thank you yergling for making the german version sorry XPero for not replying in instant messenger, but i wasnt at my desk if XPize is to be updated again im sure i can make these changes then
  6. lol, install your dad a linux on a second partition
  7. i was about to ask that question too, cause the mkisofs i have keeps saying that the duplicates once switch isnt supportet EDIT; ok found an "mkisofs" that works in the "nlite" package
  8. hi everybody, i would like to swith from "cdimage.exe" to "mkisofs.exe+dfl.exe" but i dont realy understand how it works, if tried around for a few hours now and i just ant get it to work it would be realy cool if somebody could "transform" my cdimage batchfile für mkisofs that way i think i would understand how it works a bit better too. heres my cdimage batch file: cdimage.exe -lWINDOWS -h -n -bloader.bin -m -o D:\windowsCDs\ D:\ISOFILE.ISO thanks in advance greetz, bombtrack
  9. why would you want to "slipstream" the german files to an english windows CD ? EDIT: im done, tested in VM (slipstreamed files and installed windows...) and working.
  10. omg... thank you microsoft for making lokalized version of xpsp2res.dll different... thanks to layout.inf i learned that xpsp2res.dll isnt called xpsp2res on the german lokalized version of windows. on the CD the file is called sprt0407.dll quote from layout.inf sprt0407.dll = 100,,2981888,,,,,2,0,0,xpsp2res.dll,1,2 (on the CD = i386\sprt0407.dl_ , after install %windir%\system32\xpsp2res.dll) i will now modify this file, and then test everything again in virtual machine. if everything works i could then send u the files for "further testing" (if u want to ) and then u could host them for german ppl i added you to my msn messenger buddy list. talk to you later there, or here in this topic
  11. thx for the tipp, will try tommorow, its 4:20am here now, time for bed
  12. i cant find that file on the cd, so i dont know where to place the "modified" version (i do have sp2 slipstreamed) EDIT: this file realy isnt in my i386 directory, this is wierd
  13. thx for the fast reply ok i found it in system32, but where would it be on the windows cd ? since i would like to make it "slipstream-able" edit: or let me ask this question: are the modifications in this file very important to the "windows style pack" ? sorry, but i dont even know what this file is realy for *g*
  14. ok, im the "german guy from the other board" lol 2 questions now what did you change in browselc.dll ? where do i find xpsp2res.dll ? i am using a slipstreamed SP2 CD, and the files i will be giving on (or you will be giving on, as far as you are willing to host them) will also be for direct slipstreaming to the CD. thx in advance, and great work.
  15. nilfreds method first didnt work. the installer didnt install anything. i unpacked the created installer (nilfreds method) and made a new SFX with winrar, and it works, here my winrar sfx comment: ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=StartX.exe /WAIT "msiexec /i WinRMSrv.msi /qb" TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Title=Windows Media Connect thx nilfred for your howto
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