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****, I feel like a complete newbie! Can't seem to get this thing working...

Now, on my CD I have a directory called install. This is how it looks:

--- $OEM$
--- cmpnents
--- DOCS
--- I386
--- install
--- [cabed] (which I later renamed to 'cabed' in case it didn't handle the brackets well)
--- [new]
--- Alcohol 120%
--- MessengerLive
--- RVM
--- OEM

In the \install dir I have ktool.exe, win_xp.ini (didn't bother to rename it as I wanted to get it to work first) and config.ini. The ini files are appended to this post.

I've tried several ways of starting the app. The batch file I'm using is working fine - it starts ktool after detecting the CD-ROM, but starting it directly from GuiRunOnce doesn't work for some reason. The fix was to add it to another batch file which is working. I guess I'll have to figure this one out later unless someone's got any good ideas.

My problem now is that ktool starts up, but just runs through the menu doing absolutely nothing at all. And there is no logfile even though I've specified the logfile dir.

Could someone help me shed some light on this?




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I added some Varables to make Setup full localizzable ...



ListTitle =

RunningTitle =

GUITitle =


SoftwareInstallation =

& add a Progress Type "2" lite named

ProgressType = 3

to install INI Files or Drivers, use this script



@echo off

FOR %%f IN (*.inf) DO rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %%f,DefaultInstall


for silent install I use

ShelExec.exe /WAIT /ShowCmd:SW_HIDE install.cmd

& this config.ini script



Folder = .\INIFiles

FolderFiles = exe

FolderSwitch = ShelExec.exe /WAIT /ShowCmd:SW_HIDE install.cmd

FolderCommand = RunWait



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1. Correct bug that make error in FileFolder if are more than 26 files

2. Add WindowMode to each section

3. Replace "regedit /s" with "regedit /s /i" that apply immediately the changes

4. Add a [PRE] type in FileFolder execution to execute personal program o switches before program


(ie. [preappend data] file.ext [parameters])


Folder = .\mypath

FolderFiles = msi


FolderCommand = PRE

FolderPreCommand = msiexec /i

WindowMode = Hide

This is same as MSI


Folder = .\mypath

FolderFiles = cmd

FolderCommand = PRE

FolderPreCommand = cmd.exe /c /K START /WAIT

WindowMode = Hide


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how about support for windows 2003 server?

edit: ok i managed to create a new ini file wich seems to work correclty with windows 2003 since most of reg keys wich the original ktoll modify are the same at windows 2k,nt,2000 and 2003.

I have an additional question, how can i use the "append" setting at the ini to log-on to a remote server with diff credentials? Or if it is another work arround to reeplace this: DriveMapAdd("W:", "\\servername\c$", 0, "domain\user", "pass") to do it from the ini file

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I have spent hours trying to use AutoIt and various .au3 scripts and have not been able to compile any of them without errors. I am using Scite Version 1.73 to compile and I always have errors. I have used Ktool for ages and would like to make a few changes to it (mostly sizing) if anyone has a working .au3 file which will work with the Scite complier. If you have such a script please post it.



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Need help :blushing: is it possible to install selected programs on profiles without the need to click on 'start installation' button :unsure:

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