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  1. folder options

    i'll keep it short is there a way to change the folder type/template of several folders simultaneously (not including sub folders!). I highlight several folders but only the first one changes template and the rest remain the same as they were before i attempted the change? I have loads of folders "on the same level" (not sub folders) that I want to change to 'one artist' or 'one album'; is there a way to do this 'en masse'? I have several 'one album' folders within each 'one artist' folder. Surely I don't have to select each one individually and change it to 'one album'. I want to select them all at once and apply the 'one album' template in one command? Is there a way please? many thanks!
  2. ...burn the floppy image to CD and make the CD bootable (with say: ISO magic app.)
  3. Slipstream Promise 378ATA Drivers into xp pro cd

    Have a look at this link/post: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=563028 the_doc735
  4. Unattended monitor driver install [winxp_sp2]

    1. .INF files have <hwids> and devcon lists them; maybe other ways too? 2.yes. [Unattended] DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
  5. Unattended monitor driver install [winxp_sp2]

    @0d14r3 OSR online
  6. Unattended monitor driver install [winxp_sp2]

    At this point there are no monitor 'drivers' loaded: ...then the hardware is auto detected when the cmd file is executed: ...once the hardware 'driver' is installed you can view its details from the device manager: Here are 'the events' as they are logged:
  7. Unattended monitor driver install [winxp_sp2]

    Just a quick thought: ...with your modified driver.inf file and my modified monitor.in_ file it may be possible to use either: 1. rundll32.exe (the install feature) "rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132" http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....hinfsection.asp http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000570.htm http://www.robvanderwoude.com/rundll.html 2. DPInst (a DIFx feature) http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....0bec3a7.xml.asp http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....335312e.xml.asp http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....de0e60b.xml.asp Please let me know if you try this and tell me how you get on?
  8. Unattended monitor driver install [winxp_sp2]

    @glimmerman I'm glad that you have found a method that works already! I don't know if you were lucky or not but I've just spent 4 weeks on and off with this problem. I had left plenty of posts before I discovered my method, asking for help from anyone with any idea. If you had told me this 4 weeks ago I would have certainly tried it out for myself, but as it is - it's too late for me personally, but no doubt others will try it - now that you have mentioned it! WELL DONE!
  9. Preamble: I hope this works successfully for everyone, just as it has for me? Unfortunately the methods outlined by: PhreeZ, Fonceur, Tyke, bonedaddy, cydine, hp38quser, etc etc didn't quite work for me, but here's the variation for anyone whose having 'trouble'. Requirements: Use notepad to edit the inf files and create batch files/runonceex.cmd. Makecab and expand (command-line tools) should be in your system! If they are not then do a google search and download them and place them in the system, (makecab/expand.exe are incase you want to edit your own MONITOR.IN_ file). Carry out "the-same" instruction for 'devcon' or go here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311272. Here's 'the-thing' about "make'n'expand": http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/16/ 'Walk-through': 1. OK, lets go to the I386 folder in your working windows copy. 2. Search for monitor.inf (.IN_) files: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Delete these as they are useless! 3. Now go to DOSNET.INF file and use find to locate the same file references therein and delete them! 4. Now go to txtsetup.sif file and use find to locate the same file references therein and delete those too! 5. Now overwrite the monitor.in_ file in the I386 folder with the one attached herewith. DON'T PANIC!! - after this (in a working setup) you would see: "other devices-monitor?" in device manager - but that is exactly what we want, so that 'our' driver is (in-effect) detected as a 'better' and more compatible match! (see attached screenshots). 6. Create a folder path in your working windows copy [root] like so: - XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Install\<your monitor> (I named mine "LG"). - (see attached screenshots). 7. Place your monitor driver files in this folder. (.INF, .ICM, .CAT, etc). 8. Create a batch file, name it after your monitor model, (I named mine <L1915S> "L1915S.CMD"). 9. Place this in your "$OEM$" folder. 10. Copy this code in the file: cmdow @ /hid @echo off title <your monitor make/model> start /wait devcon update %systemdrive%\Install\<your monitor make/model>\<your ".INF" file> *PNP09FF exit 11. Save and close that file. 12. Create a cmdlines.txt file. 13. Place it in the "$OEM$" folder. 14. Copy this code in the file: [Commands] "<your batch file name>.cmd" 15. Save and close that file. 16. Open your .INF file in notepad. 17. Find your <HWID> (as an example mine is: "Monitor\GSM4A90") - i.e. Monitor\<something>. 18. Now, replace each instance of this text with "*PNP09FF" (without quotes). 19. Then add this code: [version] DriverPackageType=PlugAndPlay 20. Then overwrite this section: [ControlFlags] ExcludeFromSelect.NT=Plug and Play Monitor ExcludeFromSelect=Monitor\Default_Monitor 21. Save and close that file. 22. Don't forget to include this code in the WINNT.SIF file (in> I386 folder) as the '.cats' probably won't work as a result of mods. to the '.INF' files: [Unattended] DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore 23. Save and close that file. 7z: I have included a couple of screenshots for the device manager and color management to illustrate what it looks like after setup finishes as well as those showing the folder structure of a working XP resource and what happens in device manager 'BEFORE' your monitor driver is installed. There is also some tools and a copy of the setupapi.log as well as the modified 'monitor.in_' file. For a 'runonceex' method go here: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/v...2669b042ed6e98/ For a [guirunonce] method go here: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/81/ GOOD LUCK!! You are quite welcome to improve on this method, if you so wish! monitor_method.7z
  10. Forcing a Monitor install?

    [quote name='Tyke' post='144638' date='Jun 23 2004, 08:20 AM']I use the following to update my monitor: "devcon update "D:\drivers\sony\sonylcd.inf" "Monitor\SNY0280" This line is in my cleanup.cmd file, and the devcon.exe file is in the system32 folder. Works a treat![/quote] do you know why this works for you (?) when everyone else seems to get 'devcon failed' (me included)? are you using winxp_sp2? is there something different about your driver package compared to other monitor drivers? where can I get a copy to examine please? anyone reading this, please say if you had success or failure using this method - thanx! tried: devcon update "D:\Drivers\L1915S.INF" "Monitor\GSM4A90" AND: devcon update "D:\Drivers\L1915S.INF" "Monitor\L1915S" RESULT: devcon failed
  11. [OemInfFiles]

    the big question has to be: does this [OemInfFiles] work for monitor drivers? (monitors don't seem to be detected by setup? - yes?) many thanks in advance
  12. my monitor driver is non pnp!

    yes I appreciate that fact madboy, but it's just annoying knowing that you have the driver and there's no way of 'making it stick' without intervention of some kind Maybe I can edit the setup.dll or something (who knows)? Just about fresh out of ideas I'm afraid to say. Nothing much comes up on google either; I believe you are correct that most people DO use 'default monitor' - and I may be forced to, too! You are correct about all this 'theme' of mine being in one thread having thought it through. IT SHOULD ALL BE CONTAINED in one placed, but I don't know if I have the authority to move my posts around the forum or put all 5 under one thread even?
  13. my monitor driver is non pnp!

    put them all in one thread if it makes you happy then! I think I'm talking to myself because no one knows how to do an unattended monitor driver install yet. I'm just exploring all the avenues and everybodies untested ideas. Can you point me to an unattended monitor driver install tutorial? - No? Obviously there will be little responce if no one really knows! Just the odd idea, now and again, but even that's worth exploring I.M.H.O.
  14. my monitor driver is non pnp!

    perhaps I should point this out to LG in an e-mail? i.e. plug 'n' play DDC 2B (L1915S) monitor, but it's not been given a plug 'n' play driver category type in the .inf file? see here: (for details) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Display_Data_Channel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VESA [@madboy=only reply if you want to say something useful, that can actually help me!!].
  15. new idea? - yes? (sorry if it's not!)

    the driver package installer 'DPinst' has a child element: <legacy mode/> (in the xml .doc) enableNotListedLanguages (zero or one) deleteBinaries (zero or one) forceIfDriverIsNotBetter (zero or one) group (zero or more) headerPath (zero or one) icon (zero or one) installAllOrNone (zero or one) language (zero or more) legacyMode (zero or one) promptIfDriverIsNotBetter (zero or one) quietInstall (zero or one) scanHardware (zero or one) search (zero or more) suppressAddRemovePrograms (zero or one) watermarkPath (zero or one) I can't understand what the zero or one signifies? It is not obvious to me from the 'notes' on the microsoft website! Can anyone explain this better. More explicit and elaborate a little please? [@madboy=only reply if you want to say something useful, that can actually help me!!].
  16. new idea? - yes? (sorry if it's not!)

    @delprat I have attached my setup log for the l1915s. (using the hardware update wizard via device manager) It shows: Device install function: DIFx (&) mmc.exe ...are being used in the process. Does this log help at all for fresh ideas please?
  17. my monitor driver is non pnp!

    MY L1915S SPECIFICATIONS INCLUDE: BUT THE INF DOESN'T HAVE THIS LINE? [Version] DriverPackageType = PlugAndPlay can anyone make sense of this please?
  18. my monitor driver is non pnp!

    Your beginning to annoy me with your constant whinging! If you can't offer any constructive help or advice then just keep quiet please! I do not have the time to waste on these kind of comments, therefore you WILL NOT recieve any further communication from me unless you say something useful! I reiterate, if admin has a problem with it I'm sure they will let me know soon enough? I'm only trying to find a solution like everyone else, YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON TO CONTINUALLY WRITE TO ME IN THIS FASHION! NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT - ONLY YOU! Yes I am making substantial efforts to find a solution to my problem, is that illegal or something? I do not hyperbolize!
  19. my monitor driver is non pnp!

    ...for all those who consistently bang on about oempnpdriverspath. My L1915S.INF (monitor) FILE DOES NOT contain this line: (infact there is no package type what-so-ever!)... .INF FILE [Version] DriverPackageType = PlugAndPlay My .inf file [Version] signature="$CHICAGO$" Class=Monitor ClassGuid={4D36E96E-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} Provider=%LG% CatalogFile=L1915S.cat DriverVer=06/04/2004,1.0 ...for this reason it does not work with things like MS DPinst. If I add the 'PlugAndPlay' line to my .inf file this invalidates the .cat certificate and DPinst still doesn't work! "Damned if you do and damned if you don't".
  20. new idea? - yes? (sorry if it's not!)

    i saw... hard to follow you ! I've looked in my files, and all ICM files seems to end in ,,,3,3, except sRGB.icm which ends in ,,,34,0, and is always copied, so it seems correct so far. I think you'll need to remove the last part : ,%lgl1915s%, and the strings section, or it will rename lgl1915s.icm to "LG L1915S Color Space Profile" (with no extension !!!) during setup (take a look to the WAV files, like XPStart.wav = <numbers and comas>,%XPStart%). Your original INF file refers to lgl1915s.icm, and nothing else. Forget about "the root ? wtf ? 8/", i did misunderstood. ++ @ delprat changed string section still not installed by default (with associated ICM) from the XPCD though? what's wrong? which part of the monitor.inf file chooses the monitor to install and how can I change this to mine with the associated ICM? B.T.W. ICM and driver DO appear in pick lists ONLY (for manual install) right from the XPCD! Frustrated
  21. [OemInfFiles]

    @PhreeZ can you still use 'oempnpdriverspath' as well? I have a promise (fasttx2k/ulsata) RAID and intel (875p)chipset driver collection in that folder you see? thanks in advance?
  22. new idea? - yes? (sorry if it's not!)

    @ madboy ....so how does this make my monitor driver install to device manager as the default choice with the associated ICM right from the unattended 'xpcd' setup? i.e. I open device manager for the very first time after installing windows, click on monitors and it says "LGL1915S" instead of "default monitor". I open color management for the very first time after installing windows and it says: LGL1915S.ICM/LG FLATRON L1915S DEFAULT (without me having to select it through the ADD button). This is all acheived automatically in unattended windows setup! At this stage there is no registry on the 'xpcd' ONLY 'hive.infs', surely it is they that must be edited? B.T.W. If you say this question should be in unattended windows xp (?) - they say this question should be in unattended device drivers coz it's about a driver??? Actually, its about installing a driver in windows xp whilst unattended, so where should it be placed please? @ madboy ....so how does this make my monitor driver install to device manager as the default choice with the associated ICM right from the unattended 'xpcd' setup?.... SEE ABOVE POST FOR FULL RESPONCE^
  23. %disk%,,, [inf file] [sourcedisksfiles]

    WXPVOL_EN (CD label)
  24. Automating InstallShield

    my stuff: my main drivers my raid driver my intel chipset driver monitor driver ..these are the main things; where else should it be? e.g. I haven't asked how to use microsoft office, adobe photoshop etc etc. Or how to use or repair a printer etc. Even when I mentioned installsheild it was with the intention of the /r /s record/replay function for my logitech itouch & ipoint drivers. I'm sure admin would move and make sure my posts where correctly placed anyway if I made an error. I even wrote and asked about incorrectly placed posts to see if I had done that, but no one got back to me so far so I guess it must be OK with them?
  25. new idea? - yes? (sorry if it's not!)

    @delprat No need to apologise ...no I don't need it I suppose, but I just like everything to be right/correct. "just so". Having looked at raskren's posts, I decided to do this: [?] http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=103063 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=103095 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=103097 TXTSETUP.SIF [sourcedisksfiles] lgl1915s.icm = 1,,,,,,,34,0,0,%lgl1915s% [strings] lgl1915s = "LG L1915S Color Space Profile" I changed this on your advice! ExcludeFromSelect=Monitor\Default_Monitor The ICMs are not the same, and I'm not copying from the .inf directives anymore (they have been removed!). I'm copying from the TXTSETUP.SIF to \color instead! (& dosnet.inf=d1?). The other LGL1915s entries are still in the monitor.inf of course! Only the copying sections have been removed. what's this? ...your turn!