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  1. How can add extract progress bar in 7z switch-less installer? any that version 7z.sfx is available?
  2. This should be impossible, if you have done what I have written within my guide.I suspect, that you didn't use an untouched XP CD image as source. Regards Fernando I am using untouched xpsp3 cd. but my dought that that for two senario. 1. f6 content sys file and and catalog file but not set off dll files. 2. pnp set has all of them plus some set of dll files. which will be more effectively for slipstream.
  3. According to fernendo process I add Intel AHCI Intel driver it is working fine slipstream cd. but I also add nforce IDE AHCI latest driver but fails several times burning the disk. HDD not found after coping file in txt mode.I also manually add the txt driver in textsetup.oem and also by nlite but no success. I am using fresh copy Xp pro SP2 disk and XFX geforce 7100/nforce630i mother board. pls hel me to slip the drive. N.B nvgts.sys file working if i use floppy by f6, but same file not working after slipstream.
  4. I hope this the right thread for my problem. My problem describe as below. I have two Winxp disk. One is untouched ver sp2 and another is nlited xp2 to sp3 disk. I follow the step to integrate AHCI and Raid txt driver for my mother board xfx 630i/ 7100 and toshiba (intel chipset) laptop. I integrate intel and nvidia MCP AHCI and Raid driver in singlle drive mode by nlite. If I integrate original xp cd and boot off by that the both my destop and laptop detecte the HDD in AHCI mode but not detected by MS virtual pc HDD(ide mode) and gived BSOD. If i use integrated XP3 cd and boot of by that then my desktop gives BSOD but laptop and MS virtual PC are ok. pls help to short my problem. Hope BSOD comes when XP tries to detected previous os is present or not?
  5. actual code written as it is works for me, space must be maintained.
  6. to enable {CMD} need to change install.js flle.... OK my problem I solve out ok thanks for help. I use PUSD and popd in CMD file.
  7. I am attach the configure.js and one sample .cmd file. config.js Tuneup1.cmd
  8. I am trying both WPI 7.5 and 7.7 to run a cmd file. It shows execution is success in log file but I write some command in .cmd file which is not executed properly. If I run manually run that .cmd file all command resides in it executed properly. pls help to run CMD file successfully. I already change install.js file to run cmd command. pls help. is it bud?
  9. Can ANYONE help me.... I already make a multiboot CD by magic ISO which working ok. I put ERD2005, WINXP, WIN98 etc in single ISO. I burn the ISO in DVD and it is working ok with all options. Now my question is that how can i put this ISO file in my 2GB flash drive which working ok? pls help me step by step...
  10. no expers presents in the forum.... about this guide....????
  11. There is a program called StyleXP that allows you to edit your windows XP boot skin along with desktop skins and other functions. I do not know how to do it manually. ThemeXP Just be careful when changing your boot splash screen. I do not want any software. I want to modify resource file from winxpsp2 CD, permanently which autometically install my boot skin.
  12. Can any one help to details guide & step by step " how can i modify WINXPSP2 Boot sikn?" I want to make my pesonal boot skin. pls help new link or post... Pls also help How can i put in WINXP SP2 cd that auto metically will be load after XP installation.
  13. pls post lattest & tested SFC.dll file for Windows XP SP2 english.... for unattendant CD...
  14. I am working on small office networking. I use win2k_SP4 and one share printer connected with one pC. Can anyone help me how I increase maximun no user to connect printer to print? windows default is 10. Normaly I am reqd for 15 to 25 user due to One printer is in office. Can set the connection any no of user? any patch reqd? pls help...
  15. In this section most of the discuss on GRUB. But topic is USB stick partition. I change & modified cfadisk.inf file. But when I try to install my kingston 1 GB usb driver from cfadisk.inf, XP says drive information found. pls anyone give any sample cfadisk.inf as he modified. Thanks.

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