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Guide For Compressed Drivers Unattended Install


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@powerhouse & ALL

if you like to have more space... use My Drivers v3.11

i have a NVIDIA Video Card and its have a 10-15 MB Compressed Driver

wen i use My Drivers v3.11, my nvidia drivers become 5-6 MB Compressed

you can also use this to other component drivers... ;)

heres the Site

i suggest this Software... :thumbup


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Excuse for bothering you but I'm little confused about the setup of all these files.

1) In wich subdirectory I have to copy the file Drvz.ex_ (I have to expand or not ?), then I have to write some line in an script for calling ? where (unattended.sif, presetup.cmd or txtsetup.sif) ?

2) Your code I have to append before, after to the code of Pyron or directly replace it ?

3) setdevicepath.exe and watchdriversigningpolicy.exe form OEM\bin (pyron's method) are replaced by your compressed files devpath.ex_, xrep.ex_, 7za.ex_ located in \I386 or I have to leave both subdirectories ?



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Hi guys I have no problems whatsoever. Everything works like a charm.

Here is what I did.

1. Download the file in serialz opening post and extract.

2. Open the html file and click on the link to pyrons post and grab the setup.ex_ file.

3. Uncab the ORIGIONAL setup.ex_ file from your I386 folder with the following command expand SETUP.EX_ setupORG.exe and copy SetupORG.exeto your I386 folder.

4. Copy the setup.ex_ you downloaded from pyrons post into your I386 folder.

5. Compress your driver files as *.7z files. Only select the files inside the root folder of the drivers and name them acordingly.

6. Put the Compressed Driver FILES inside the directory named ->$OEM$/Driverz.

7. Put the following into you I386 folder, 7za.ex_ Presetup.cmd XRep.ex_ DevPath.ex_. From the file downloaded in step 1.

8. Add the following lines to TXTSETUP.SIF under [sourceDisksFiles]

7za.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

Presetup.cmd = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

XRep.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

SetupORG.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

DevPath.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

You should now be done. I did not use pyrons Presetup.cmd file only the one out of serialz pack.

I also found that if you use this method you cannot use the driver integration of Nlite as the drivers added by nlite do not install.

Edit: Fixed up Step 7 to use the corect files.

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You said Put the following into you I386 folder, 7za.exe Presetup.cmd XRep.exe DevPath.exe

I have only this files 7za.ex_ Presetup.cmd XRep.ex_ DevPath.ex_

Which destroys with serialz pack

Where from? I obtain this files

pls help for get this files


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5. Compress your driver files as *.7z files. Only select the files inside the root folder of the drivers and name them acordingly.

Is there a way to do this step without having to go into each of your driver folders and selecting all files then creating archive?

Is there a way I can automate this like having 7zip make each folder the name of the .7z file?

I went into my driver folder and selected all 15 folders and made one large 40mb .7z but as I guessed the files extraxt to C:\Driverz\Drivers\[all my folders]

Ideally we want the files to extract to C:\Driverz\[all my folders]

Maybe a batch file that can make the *.7z files for us?


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I just followed the steps above from madmungo and they worked perfectly.

One thing I found odd though was if I 7-zip all my driver folder seperatly then my drivers were around 50mb, but if I zipped up all the folders into one 7zip file then my drivers are only 35mb? Maybe because there are duplicate files and 7zip is smart enough to only add them once? To take advantage of that 15mb I need to figure out how to zip up all my driver folders so that when they are extracted they are extracted to the root of driverz. Right now all my folders like video, sound, network are extracted into C:\Driverz\Drivers\sound etc instead of C:\Driverz\sound. So to fix this I had to go into the sound folder and select all files and 7zip them into one 7zip called sound.7z but then I waste 15mb doing it this way.

The last question I had was reguarding bashrat sneaky driver packs. I assume now that I have this process working that I can just download his packs and put them in the $OEM$\Driverz folder?


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