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  1. Hi, the update that causes the update loop for me is KB952709. Seeing as I remove QoS for AV files and this update improves the performance of Windows Vista SP1-based computers by reducing audio and video (AV) stuttering among other things. I suspect this is the problem.
  2. OK it worked. now have windows firewall working, must be a dodgy update.
  3. Hey guys just noticed this happened to me AFTER doing a fresh install and after a few reboots for software instalation that after doing a windows update with all (24) post SP1 updates that the firewall was stopped and when I tried restarting it it came up with the same error as in the first post. Have just copied the polstore.dll.mui file and am about to reboot to test. will report back in a sec.
  4. Did that. no change. Next thing to do is try a reinstall and see if it complains about missing games explorer.
  5. FEAR needs it. I have placed the x64 and x86 versions of gameux.dll into my ws2008 install and when I try and run fear it starts about 2000 instances of rundll and rundll *32 and slowly closes each one then pops up the FEAR has failed to start error message. Another game I have needs the dll file but I think it will do the same thing.
  6. I would also like to know this. Can someone tel me which files Games Explorer uses.
  7. Anyone know which files are needed for Games Explorer. Would like to add it.
  8. madmungo

    Sever 2008

    as per the title, dose vlite support server 2008. If it doesn't will it in the near future
  9. I can also confirm this happening in x64 versions of windows. I also remember network DDE stuffing something up on x86 windows but I can't remember what.
  10. I have no Idea what is causing it but if you change the burning engine from the internal one to Mkisosf then make your image it will work as it happened to me. If you burn the image directly to disk you do not get this error. This has happened with 3 different Windows cd's, one origional XP, one MSDN xp+SP2 and one XP VLK disk.
  11. Anyone using Grisoft's AVG plus Firewall need to keep Dial-up and VPN Support otherwise the Firewall fails to start with the following error The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion. (1075)
  12. After downloading this Billboard I can not get the fonts to show correctly during a test install. They will show OK with WinntbbuED but are replaced by some other font during an actual install. Is there a way to have the new font recognised during the start of the install.
  13. Yes I can confirm this. I allso get STOP: 0x0000007B error message after the initial dos file copy section. I am using the latest BASE 6.03 and MS 6.02.1. The only version I have it working with is 5.10 which is on my last win install CD. I have downloaded the latest non beta drivers from SilImage site version 10/7/2005. and integrated with nlite and had no problems. hwids.txt
  14. @Happy_ct Just downloaded your files and it is being caused by the Play audio in WPI option being set to YES. Set it to NO and it works without errors. I also set this option in my config,to test, and get the exact same error. Same file and same line number. Dose not matter which of the 4.x versions used all create the same error when the Play audio in WPI is ticked. Hope this solves your problem.

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