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How many MSFN forum members...?


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ok so xper said that we went through this b4, twice. whose the other 2 :P

will happen soon enough, just wait and see if mazin and gamehead don't want to be those "other two". :lol:

Hint to you two (and others who want to be "you two"):

This one's gotta also be known as "the life-cycle of a forum post", whaddya say?

Search on google for that, and prepare to get amazed....

And come away running to here right away, to post links, LOL

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i've searched on google for the exact term. nothing intersting so far.

do u have a link to that amazing page? :D

If you're talking about the "original" version, I think there was one on annoyances.org, in the jokes section.


1 forum member to say that there are other jokes sections on the web that has the same thing.

10 forums members to point out 30 different websites that has similar sections. :whistle:

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1 joke-loving forum member to have the rest waiting for 6 month.

3 loudmouths to say that it's not polite to have guest waiting.

1 to say a super moderator can't be still considered as a guest.

1 to say (i hope so) mazin is the guest 'coz he's still a friend of MSFN.

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Dingle Bell, Dingle Bell, Dingle All the day.....

1 not-guest super-mod to pholiocize

1 forum meber to misspell a hard word

1 super-mod to say that we should remain "professional"

1 admin to close the "bad" thread

1 admin to open it up to post to say that it's closed and then close it again

1 Id10tic mod to "accidentally" open it yp again

1 know-it-all to say that that "up" is misspelled

1 Corrections Canada officer to jail the dummy, only to be criticized on jailing the wrong person

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@mazin black light i'm sure u know the use..

some white & yellow light's used for keeping the food warm

green light means go :D

blue like the sea

and if u want to look at the lights scientificly it depends on the temperature of the bulb. if its very very very hot its white. (it follows the rainbow pattern.)

ps I know what u mean just joking..

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