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Easy RunOnceEx.cmd


Do you want it to be easy to create RunOnceEx.cmd  

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  1. 1. Do you want it to be easy to create RunOnceEx.cmd

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New version 4)

The new version is multi-language. To make this work perfectly, i need some more translations. The translations that are currently in the installer are:

1. Dutch

2. English

You can translate the files by opening the english.lng (or dutch.lng) file in notepad and ONLY translate everything AFTER the = sign and BETWEEN the single quotes (')

The languages i request from everyone out here are:

1. German

2. Frensh

3. Turkish

5. Chinese

To get to the downloadlink, check the very first post of this thread

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A quite quick translation in Turkish. Ignorant notepad converted all Turkish characters in ansi characters. Don't know whether RunOnceEx supports Unicode thingys. My Turkish is kind of weak so feel free to correct me or make suggestions.



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