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  1. for application switches, you could try uawiki.org if the apps you're using are quite popular, you'll probably find it over there. there's also a few apps spread all over this forum which will help you create runonceex.cmd files (as in you enter the filename, directory and the appropiate switch in 3 separate boxes). as long as you bother looking at the created file, you'll get the picture. try a search, coz i'm too lazy.
  2. http://download.nullsoft.com/winamp/client/winamp51_full.exe or go pro
  3. turkish users, please check out the language file and report blatant errors, mistakes vs. thx.
  4. i used to get this if there already was an existing filder with the same username. if administrator exists, xp setup creates an administrator.********* folder which is used instead. try formatting
  5. wouldn't it be possible to make wpi run on top all of the time? this way it wouldn't matter what progs show since it's all on the background anyway...
  6. turkish (language pack) nero latest version, getting an offer icon on desktop, as well as in my start menu. could be a bug?
  7. is anyone aware of a switch to select the language for azureus? something like /Sellang=TR for skype... cheers
  8. A quite quick translation in Turkish. Ignorant notepad converted all Turkish characters in ansi characters. Don't know whether RunOnceEx supports Unicode thingys. My Turkish is kind of weak so feel free to correct me or make suggestions. Cheers Turkce.rar
  9. one simple question: what packages does ncab support? only package 1-2-3 wmaplugin neromix neroburnrightsinstaller? couldnt find it in the dox (quick look only )
  10. wtf, feedview extension , why would i want that in my browser. this ff thingy is becoming bloatware. i wanna use my advanced rss-viewer extension/program, not some crappy feedview implementation. get the picture?
  11. it doesnt store settings in the registry. all of m are in .ini files or .dat files. the ones i use: - wand.dat (passes) - opera6.adr (bookmarks) - opera6.ini (some settings) - operadef6.ini (some settings bis) - OUsr600.dat (serial number) - ua.ini (abslutely foolproof user agent faking) - u can just copy the mail folder to ur profiles folder (ur account will be configured and all mails preserved, labeled, etc as well as irc settings) - if u use adblock u need some others too, look it up in it's install instructions these are with opera8, dunno if it's all the same with 8.02 i used to use these lines in my .cmd XCOPY "%cdrom%\software\opera6.ini" "%systemdrive%\users\Administrator\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\" /Y XCOPY "%cdrom%\software\wand.dat" "%systemdrive%\users\Administrator\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\" /y XCOPY "%cdrom%\software\opera6.adr" "%systemdrive%\users\Administrator\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\" /Y XCOPY "%cdrom%\software\ua.ini" "%systemdrive%\users\Administrator\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\" /Y XCOPY "%cdrom%\software\OperaDef6.ini" "%programfiles%\Opera\" /y XCOPY "%cdrom%\software\OUsr600.dat" "%programfiles%\Opera\" /y xcopy "d:\backup\mail" "%systemdrive%\users\administrator\application data\opera\opera\mail\" /h /e /s /y this is not the way it should be done if you want cross-machine compability, but it's a start. btw: if u would have searched u would've found the answer to your question yourself. cheers

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