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  1. nlite infected by 180solutions ? Youre kidding !

    I scanned with all well know antispyware nothing shows up ...
  2. Ryan 2.12a Update Pack Problems

    it has been already reported i think ....
  3. Problems installing Add-On

    yea u missed out a lot... make the cab as mentioned in the steps and add them in the hotfix step then u r done assuming u have made the cab correct. Best of luck happy Nlite'ng
  4. error with 1.2

    i think i am close to the problem this happens only wen i integrate new ryanvm's 2.1.2 pack doesnt happen on the previous version of the same... hmm strange donno where i screwed up
  5. error with 1.2

    i tried fresh copy will try with out add-ons and see if i face any problem. ok let me attach it here.. the txtsetup.sif is there very much... TXTSETUP.zip
  6. error with 1.2

    i am facing this problem in 1.2 (latest version only) INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 4 Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit. attaching the error message
  7. Create addon with CPL shortcut?

    nope i had some small util (freeware ) to do it let me see if i can find it ... i found it from sysinternal forum
  8. Create addon with CPL shortcut?

    i have tried something back like that let me see if i can get a simple guide on this
  9. CDEx

    ok i will update it today... Thx
  10. [REQUEST] Spy Sweeper 4.5

    s***.. i just did download manager and was about to upload anyway thanks dear...
  11. CDEx

    Desc : CDex a CD-Ripper, thus extracting digital audio data from an Audio CD. The application supports many Audio encoders, like MPEG (MP2,MP3), VQF, AAC encoders. Download: RapidShare Version: 1.51 Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdexos Credits: Iranthavan Not tested please and let me know
  12. [Release]Qlock 1.5

    Descrition: Qlock is a new kind of desktop world clock. With its ease of use, powerful features and comprehensive database of every major city in the world, Qlock remains the most downloaded desktop clock for Windows. Url: Download Version: 1.5 Credit: Iranthavan Homepage: qlock.com
  13. [REQUEST] Spy Sweeper 4.5

    i looked in to it i couldnt find the silent installer let me see them
  14. how many cabs i can add to nlite?

    i couldnt find the installer in the installer service dear
  15. how many cabs i can add to nlite?

    msistub means ??? sometime back i had the acdsee working now it not working i donno where i am missin it..