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SFC_OS.DLL hack for XP SP2 Final

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Update (05.10.07): If you wish to disable SFC, I'd recommend a program like nLite to do it as it is more advanced than this. This no longer exists and my website either.

Update (27.05.05): I've noticed a lot of people are still coming to my website for these instructions. At the moment, our website is undergoing a redesign and this information is currently not available. I suggest using a program like nLite for this purpose. Thankyou.


Here is my SFCSetting hack for WFP...

At offset (00000F82) change:

44 00 69 00 73 00 61 00 62 00 6C 00 65


53 00 65 00 74 00 74 00 69 00 6E 00 67

At offset (0000ECE9) change:

33 C0


EB 01

Simple as that. I've also attached the hacked SFC_OS.DLL for use on the Windows XP CD.

Follow the instructions at http://unattended.msfn.org for the hacked SFC_OS.DLL file but replace it with this file instead...

Edit: Re-attached the SFC_OS.DL_ file with better compression (thanks RyanVM).

Edit2: The attached file can be placed straight in the I386 folder WITHOUT modification. :)

Edit3: For people getting confused about how to apply this properly and what version it's for, follow the instructions at doesn't exist anymore. The files there and the file attached here are for Windows XP Service Pack 2 RTM (Build 2180).

Edit4: You DO NOT need the sfcfiles.dll file, found in this thread, to disable WFP. The sfcfiles.dll file only allows you to delete files and folders in the Program Files directory. It doesn't disable WFP.

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How would I go about removing a certain directory (in this case Program Files and everything under it) from being watched by WFP? There was post with a hacked dll for SP1 a while back, but I didn't find it in a search. Besides, I don't remember there being much in the way of instructions for making a new version of the dll. :)

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If you look on the unattended website (like I said), you would know that it allows you disable Windows File Protection so you can overwrite/delete protected files during and after Windows setup.

@captdilly: Yes is has. I stated that in my last post when GreenMachine asked me.

NOTE: The file you download from here can be put onto your Windows XP CD WITHOUT modification.

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I should rephrase myself. I want WFP active, but I'd like to keep it from protecting everything in and including the Program Files directory (So I can, for example, remove an empty WMP directory :)). There was a hacked sfc_os.dll for SP1 that did this, but there isn't a version for SP2 yet (that I know of). I was hoping someone could help me in editing sfc_os.dll to suit my needs. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure something out. :rolleyes:

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@Bachus: There is a post here that edits the "sfcfiles" file to remove protected directories. You cannot do what you want to do with the "sfc_os.dll" file.

@RyanVM: Yes the hive does need to be edited (or you can import the registry entry during "cmdlines". If you import the registry entry during "RunOnceEx", WFP won't be disabled until the second boot.

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