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SFC_OS.DLL hack for XP SP2 Final

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@Astalavista: If you look at my first post, you'll see I've directed people to follow the instructions at the unattended website for integrating this file.

Anyway, all you have to do is edit the "HIVESFT.INF" file in I386 and add the following line after the "SfcQuota" line (search for it).

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon","SFCSetting",0x00010001,0xFFFFFF9D

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@DingoDaddy: What hacked file did you use? The one attached to my post? Try adding SFCDisable=0x00000000 to the registry and then change SFCSetting=0xffffff9d.

(avoiding direct eye contact) Rave - I guess it helps if you actually don't think you know enough to remember the actual value for SfcSetting/Disable w/o looking at it. I was using 0xfffffffd. Changing to 0xffffff9d actually solved the problem...

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The modified sfc_os.dll is working great, but every time I restart the PC I get an error message / window relating to winlogon.exe telling me that the file is invalid and I should check to make sure it's the original. Anyone else having this problem?

- I've replaced the sfc_os.dll files in system32, system32/dllcache, and servicepackfiles/i386 . The SFCDisable DWORD is set to 0, and SFCSetting is set to ffffff9d.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok Guys, heres the deal, i'm looking for everything and , with all the posts just getting bigger, who ever reads this, i hope they can understand where i am comming from.. everyday files are uploaded and its this version and that version, so most are not really sure what they usually download. to cause less confusion.. can someone from here, at least , post a zip, of all the files for build 2180 RTm Sp2 that work... if possible or if everything is even figured out... not sure what i am downloading with all the post i have read...

but i am looking for...

sfc_os.dl_ 2180 ( hex edited for wfp to be disabled, and the crc fixed for cd ...and with the reg file for disabling windows file protection) can't get mine to work..and I downloaded it from here...) so not sure...

sfcfiles.dl_ 2180 ( this files has something to do with being edited for taking annoying folders out that are copied be defualt r something.. not sure what, if you know, please help! and please post the correct one that works in conjuction with the hacked sfc_os.dl_ correctly..(i'm sure someone knows what I am talking about)

tcpip.sy_ 2180, (if solved) (also, hex edited for unlimited connections and the loop problem fixed. as well as crc header fixed for placing on cd...)

termsrv.dl_ 2180 (if solved) (edited to allow concurrent users, with of course the correct reg file that works in conjucntion with it...and hex edited, and crc fixed for cd placement as well...

uxtheme_dl_ 2180 ( for using themes, need the correct one for 2180, with header fixed, and hex edited and all that good stuff... )

Hivesft.inf 2180, (i'm sure this is simple since its already posted on the main site for the unattended, but have heard so many different ways to apply the setting , so not sure,, someone needs to clear this up and make sure we have it right... just thought i would toss that at ya.. so don't get Po'ed...

if we can get a definate package together, i think it would help everyone without haveing to serch and scan through millions of posts and pages... after all arent we also into makeing things easier on the message boards as well as unattended installs?

not being bossy, just looking for the right stuff... id appreciate any help possible.. to make things easier for the people here who are looking for the same thing...

hope we can get somwhere... thanks all and keep up all the good work...

May the Force be with you!


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Yes, perhaps thiese links should be in MSFN unattended cd guide. Some are already. Can be confusing searching and getting different results. Maybe the guide could be updated to reflect these good files?


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