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  1. [Desktops] 2006

    PS: No I am not a girl
  2. Alcohol 120% installation problem

    allright guys.. i finally managed to open some iso's Virtual CD actually works on Vista Beta 2 thanks for your helsp anyways... if someone find a way to run alcohol or daemon or fantomcd i'll be appreciated
  3. Alcohol 120% installation problem

    So please guys help us out for this problem... I have the latest build of Vista and i cannot be able to install any of Virtual CD/DVD applications (Alcohol, Daemon, Nero-Image.. etc.) what can i do.. is there any virtual dvd software that runs on Vista (actually daemons web site says: it supports Vista.. but certanly does not! )
  4. Msgina.dll And Shell32.dll

    tnx doesnt need it anymore
  5. i copied the whole folder to my $OEM$\$1\install\ directory but when i click to .hta, it opens a blank while screen and gives me an error like this: JavaScript Error reporting: Message: Object Expected Line: 125... what should i do?
  6. MSN 7 (Beta) list of bugs

    so guys.. where can we find more WINGS...
  7. SP2 Build 2180 Went Gold @ 10:08 PDT

  8. The count-down to SP2

    i just own the SP2 Final RTM (build 2180) but it is English. i just wondering that when the local languages released??? i need Turkish version of SP2 so badly...
  9. Skinning Sites

    TheSkinsFactory is f... great. i love the themes of wmp. b.t.w is there any site for Custom WinXP setup screens.. (i mean winntbbu files) or can msfn be a host for such kind of thing.. it could be great and unique too
  10. still asks for Product Key...

    @offtopic: i like the admin password though.
  11. once, i had that problem too but i did figured out myself
  12. Windows XP Embedded - Boot From CD Tutorial

    thank u for the efforts. we're waiting.. is this XPe can be create from a normal XP?
  13. NORTON 2005 BETA ?

    what is the parameters for cmd unattended inmstallation for NORTON ANTIVIRUS 2005? PS: i have the key and i want it to add automatically.
  14. XP CD Generator

    when it will be available?