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Registry Tweaks, Part-1

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until someone makes a nice page with registry tweaks

there are very good pages in the internet.

but if its gonna help i might try to make all those reg's a little bit more organized. I can start tomorrow. but it'll take a loooong time.


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Since that post (which you linked to in your previous post) is a few pages away, there's a good possibility that its not as updated as JohnnyDo's ZIP file is. Anyways, that was the file I was thinking of to be the new thread-beginner all this while. But the new one seems better. Those who want the other all-tweaks-in-single-file can get it from the link in your post.

"Print this topic" doesn't seem to work for this particular thread. I tried it before, and it worked, but not for this one. It just displayed a blank page.
This is big, BIG, BIG, BIG thread. So you might need to wait while the server is transferring the page to be displayed.

As I've previously said, this thread in "printed" HTML is 1700 KB in size. And even as we continue posting these questions, the size is rising.

How long before this thread is locked?

Ok here's the thing. I did wait. I waited very long. But it doesn't load it. I printed another topic which was also very big (750 pages) with no problem. Print it yourself and you will see that it just doesn't work.

EDIT: Err. I meant 750 replies

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@prathapml yep I saw that didn't have time to go through, but i still think instead of trying to save the pages with lots of not registry related chatting the collection might be time saving....

and erm why don't u guys change your forum defaults to 30 threads or more? I've 33 pages in this reg tweaks section. 750 pages??? how can a human go through 750 pages? I believe opera, ie, firefox, this, that would crash when loading that????

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Actually, I think I closed that thread at 29 pages, celebrating my new found powers (at the time). Of course, some users are not as clever as you and I, and only show 10 posts per page, not 30.

Still, prathapml, I have to disagree with the closing of this thread. This is the Internet, this is Anarchy at it's finest. Please don't try to rule us. As long as one remains cordial, and respects the rules of the forum, closing a thread just because many people use it seems more like dictatorship. I, personally, find it (closing) to run against the whole idea of a forum thread. If people have a problem with using this thread, let them start a new one.

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Nice speech. I thank you for voicing your view-point on this. You make a valid point there, and have me agreeing. So now.... this topic won't be closed. Just a small note (the below) will conclude it.

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO USE THE PART-2 thread, instead of posting in here. Please consider this thread as locked (meaning no further posts) - but still it will stay open for those who have a really good reason to post here. That way, it is good for you to search as well as for easy knowing what's coming on. This thread exceeding 1000 posts is frightening from many members' point of view!

No questions regarding any tweaks here, or any added tweaks will be noticed, since it gets difficult to post and keep-track in such a large thread.

Please post only what's REALLY necessary now in this topic.

R. I. P. dear part-1!

OK, everybody please use the thread linked below as the registry tweaks thread now. All further discussion should take place there instead of here.

The registry-tweaks, Part 2

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It's obvious that you don't have a dial-up connection. Doing a search in this topic is very long with a 56K modem and the search engine only put a yellow spot on the searched word so it's just a little bit faster than reading all post one by one. If the search engine could sort the posts with the search strings only it would be great.

Personnally I have a 128k connection and before searching in Registry Tweaks posts I always search the Web before and I get answers faster.

Think to the poor 56k owners. :P

I think prathapml took a good initiative and "Registry Tweaks, Part-1" should be closed as long as the new "Registry Tweaks, Part-2" is starting with a reg file of all the reg tweaks found in "Registry Tweaks, Part-1" with comments for each entries.

I'm not sure it is a complete reg file right now but it could be.

It's my point of view


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Well, one zip file cannot contain all the info that this thread has, and the comments are as important, if not more, than the registry entries. There are many, many different and "conflicting" entries, so who is to decide whch is "correct": they both are "correct", albeit for different desires.

I know that a 56Kb connections is not the tops, and I, myself, am sometimes on that, or worse. I speed it up other ways: use the Google search feature, turn off the images, use the cache. Still, I feel for those poor tortoises ...

Still, a new thread loses all the comments that are relevant, and a search of the new thread only will not find much of what has been learned in the last year. There is also the option to print the whole topic, which will be lost. Not to mention the inability to cross thread quote topics. And keyword searches will end up here, not in the zip file that is only one persons opinion.

Don't get me wrong: I am not, by any means, saying that the new thread should not be used. I'm sure not going to tell anyone anything about what or where to post, other than keep it civil, and keep it correct. But I ask the same of others, so please understand why I may post here.

In short: Live and let live! And ... Viva la Difference!

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well okay probably mentioned b4 for many times but


has most of the tweaks and explained well.

1 thing I dont' understand, u guys said that u're searching this thread, in order to be searching u've to know that it exist, and if u know that a registry hack exists u can look it up in alternate locations, where there are guides, like the link i've given.... just trying to make life easier for everyone who're looking for tweaks....

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here's a new one, I believe no one has seen it yet

it is for removing the nvidia analog (digital) Display from right click menu of desktop

yes it bothered me I happen to click it accidentally :) and frankly I don't use it..




hope it help some ppl who dislike that thing :)


pls go here to obtain all the registry's found in this thread!!


READ Sculptor's 2 posts....

Whoops, cant believe i forgot to post it. :(


I just just lock this **** topic. ;)

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After using a word like "dictatorship" in your post I'm glad you wrote:

"Live and let live! And ... Viva la Difference!" :thumbup


Man, thanks for this tips. I always used the search (text box) below each pages to make search, my eyes missed the advanced search link on the top pages menu.

Anyway the option "display the POST not the thread" should be the default in all search and not exclusive to advanced search.

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Guest HitAndRunHelp
;Remove WMP Right Click Options (Queue-it-up, etc.)
;Remove the Queue-it-up, Burn to CD right click options on Windows Media Player files.

I've Been searching for this for months now, THANK YOU very much, GreenMachin!

BTW I then found one you missed. This removes the WMP context when you click a folder containing media files.

I had to read Japanese to find it :}

;Remove WMP Right Click Folder Options  (Play Folder As Playlist)

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