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  1. Why calling it Windows 7, when it seems that it's just the next version of Vista (6.0 to 6.1)
  2. I thought it was for SP3 RC1 but anyway, there is a typo mistake somewhere
  3. Fyyre, I don't know where you got that but it's not good. "xor eax, eax" and "inc eax" should be 33C040 not 33C041 And at offset EC95 there is no "xor eax, eax" but "xor ecx, ecx" which is 33C9 ----------------------- To permanently disable Windows File Protection - Windows XP Pro SP3 (5.1.2600.3264) Without using the registry. At offset EC84, replace 83F89D7508 by 3BC0EB3290 cmp eax, FFFFFF9D jne 76C6F891 by cmp eax, eax jmp 76C6F8BA sfc_os.zip
  4. awergh, If you tried MASM, I suppose your target is the Windows platform. In my opinion, MASM is the best assembler but it is not free for commercial use (unless you have Visual Studio Pro), but for freeware or personal use it's ok (almost all SDK and DDK include MASM). Finding an IDE for assembly is not easy and I'm surprised that you had problems with RadAsm because I tried it once and seems to be a good one. On the other hand, assembly makes more sense to be coded in text files and use command-line to build your programs. RC.EXE RSRC.RC CVTRES.EXE /MACHINE:X86 RSRC.RES ML.EXE /c /coff PROGRAM.ASM LINK.EXE /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /OUT:PROGRAM.EXE *.OBJ or (console program) LINK.EXE /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE /OUT:PROGRAM.EXE *.OBJ or (static library) LINK.EXE -lib /OUT:LIBRARY.LIB *.OBJ The best start is downloading MASM32 Project and looking at the many tutorials and examples. MASM32 Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Homepage MASM Programming Style Microsoft MASM Programmer's Guide Microsoft Macro Assembler Reference ASM Community Messageboard If you don't already have experience with one programming language, assembly may not be the good one to start with but I guess it's not your case. Good luck and don't give up. It takes time but it worth it.
  5. These two links are a good start to understand how to use COM in your applications. Introduction to COM - What It Is and How to Use It COM in plain C
  6. For those who were using my patched SFC_OS.DLL (WFP disabled permanently without dealing with the registry) just post the latest SFC_OS.DLL from SP3 and I'll patch it. I'm curious to see how Microsoft did try to avoid us from disabling it this time
  7. gunsmokingman, I just would like to know if there is a reason why you always use DIM when there is no data types in VBScripts. IMHO, they are useless but why you use them anyway ?
  8. melnib00ne, With DAO 3.6 Set dao = CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.36") Set db = dao.OpenDatabase("DATABASE.MDB") Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("TABLE") rst.AddNew rst("FIELD") = "Data" rst.Update rst.Close Set dao = CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.36") Set db = dao.OpenDatabase("DATABASE.MDB") Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT FIELD1 FROM TABLE WHERE FIELD2='Criteria'") rst.Edit rst("FIELD1") = "Data" rst.Update rst.Close B)
  9. MASM programming is not very popular and there is only very few members here that still use assembly. Don't be surprised that there is no rush for helping you. Moreover, programming is not the main objective of this board. For a real assembly board you should go to The MASM forum
  10. AleXnderRT, For your information... 1) ECX is not a register that need to be preserved 2) Memory freed to soon is when you use memory allocation API like HeapAlloc and use the pointer after a call to HeapFree Did you tried running your VBA module in debug mode and see where it crash ? That way it could be easier to know which DLL function cause the problem. Look your PM for my e-mail address. Regards
  11. Did you build a COM DLL or just a DLL with exported functions ? Maybe it's a register preservation problem or memory freed to soon or a bad pointer or a mistake in COM implementation. Without source code it gonna be hard to help but if I were you I wouldn't search outside your DLL, the problem is in there. I'm a MASM coder so if you don't mind posting the source, I'll look at it.
  12. jcarle, Sure a program doing a scan, every 1 second for example, adds a little cpu activity but if the drive is not connected then it does not create activity on that disk. A call to GetDriveType, PathIsRoot or PathIsDirectory might be somehow a good choice IMHO, depending on which one have the less footprints.
  13. It should looks like this... Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Set objSys = GetObject("winmgmts:{(Shutdown)}").ExecQuery("Select * From Win32_OperatingSystem") strAppExe="mstsc.exe %logonserver%\netlogon\vmware\VM-W2K\vmw-%username%.rdp" objShell.Run strAppExe, , True For Each v In objSys v.Win32Shutdown(0) ' Or Win32Shutdown(4) to force logoff Next I'm not sure about the use of %logonserver% and %username%. Did you really make it work once ?
  14. Try this... Set objSys = GetObject("winmgmts:{(Shutdown)}").ExecQuery("Select * From Win32_OperatingSystem") For Each v In objSys v.Win32Shutdown(0) ' Or Win32Shutdown(4) to force logoff Next
  15. In fact no, you didn't explained it well. If the name of the executable appears on the form, it's because there is a control on that form to show it. It will not be there by magic. Look at the form and remove the right bottom control. You didn't include the form in the attachment so I can't help you more.
  16. I don't understand. -------- Dim str As String Dim str1 As String Dim str2 As String str = str1 & "bolded text" & str2 --------
  17. I don't know them all but I'm sure that native C / C++ and MASM don't needs any framework.
  18. Thanks to both of you Yzöwl and IcemanND. I finally get it to work the way I want with a CALL. I qualify myself as a good Google "searcher" but this time I just couldn't find the rigth syntax and using a CALL wasn't, IMHO, obvious. Thanks again, you saved me from using a VBScript.
  19. Yzöwl, I know you have the knowledge and you're very close. The way I thought it would be easy was to read the last character and strip it if an underscrore is found. In other words I want to strip the underscore if there is one, from a list of strings, in a set of files. I should have explain this before but read last char and strip it was my main problem. For your information there is no exclamation marks in my files and I'm not used to ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION and I didn't found good examples on how to use it. The use of CALL make it work but I can't read the output to be sure it is an "_". I tried to put the CALL in a ('CALL ECHO/%%VAR:~-1%%') and read the output but it's not working. --------------------- gunsmokingman, Hi VBScript man. Thanks but the target is a batch file and I will switch to vbs only if I REALLY can't get it to work.
  20. Hi Yzöwl, This is exactly what made me post my problem here. I don't know how to make it work inside a FOR /F loop, like this... Let say the file TEST.TXT contains two line... I_AM_A_LINE_ I_AM_A_LINE_TOO_ batch.cmd @ECHO OFF FOR /F "DELIMS=" %%? IN (TEST.TXT) DO ( SET VAR=%%? ECHO/Should take Test_ and return _ ECHO/%VAR:~-1% ECHO/ ECHO/Should take Test_ and return Test ECHO/%VAR:~0,-1% ECHO/ ) PAUSE EXIT
  21. Hi, I have problems writing a batch file that could extract the last character or strip a string. TEST.CMD FOR /F "tokens=1*" %%F IN (TEST.TXT) DO ( ECHO %%G <-- should take Test_ and return _ ECHO %%G <-- should take Test_ and return Test ) PAUSE EXIT 1) I can't find a way to read %%G and echo at the last character 2) I can't find a way to read %%G and echo %%G minus one character I know about %PATH:~-1% but I can get it to work in my case. Thanks
  22. If you delete the file first in \WINDOWS\system32\dllcache and then \WINDOWS\system32, you'll have to take care of the warning message and it seem possible to do it with a vbscript.
  23. deadbird, You're lucky that this board is not a really programming board because if it was, this topic could have been closed. Keylogger are often used for malicious purpose and should not be allowed to discuss here at msfn. It's my opinion.
  24. @Bilou_Gateux The offset to patch is 36FD3 and the modification is the same: 737A to 727A This information for the english Server 2003 SP2 and it is untested.

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