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Well ok guys.. after doin all the slipstreaming, integration, reducing the size, adding things to regkeyonce .. appling all the registry entries i cud think of.. its finally a time to give the windows setup a touch of DIVINE feeling, well almost :)

So, what i have here is known as Matrix XP (some of ya must have already guessed but anyways, for those who havent read on)

Ok the first thing to do is apply the Matrix winntbbu.dll to the setup this wud give it a matrixised look at the Setup screen..

Then We change the default luna.theme to apply the matrix wallpaper, the Green olive colour scheme and the great matrix screen saver ..

Well oh well how can we forget the Matrix Logon screen (logonui.exe) last but not the least i've been searching high and low for a good matrix Bootscreen but havent been able to find one.. if any of the great souls here can help me get it i'd be very greatful...

Ok i'm gonna attach some screenies and give the link to all the above mentioned files in one rar.. :rolleyes:

Matrix XP Setup Screen

Matrix XP Login Screen

Matrix XP Desktop

Complete Suite

I hope some one now can get clicked and come up with new XP Setup Suites...



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Well someone hurry up and host it so I can see it! :)

I am in the same boat, xp unattended cd almost setup the way I like it, but now I'm thinking of making a custom setup screen, boot screen, login screen, wall paper, and theme. Hopefully I'll love the matrix suite you made and won't have to work on my own :rolleyes:.

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