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XPdeploy 0.1b


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Just something you people might like to see... I don't use XPlode at all, I just tend to install everything at first restart off a share on my domain controller.

Anyways, that s*** is irrelevant. What might be interesting though, is this:


I'm working on something that is compatible with the XPlode XML, but allows normal selection of items.

Now, it's not to replace XPlode, but rather to complement it if needed.

Anyways, as you can see it's in the early stages right now, but comments etc. would be nice.



Added resizing, thing in the centre for showing the current install.

Will make it compatible with the original XPlode display routine... so it's completely compatible.

Oh, and one other thing, it's independent of GDIplus.dll, so it should run anywhere that has (a recent version of) IE installed.

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reminds me vaguely of the Add/Remove thing in XP. :)

what would be really cool, would be icons too.

I wouldn't think the skinning thing would be neccessary since it would depend on teh active Visual Style of XP. So that's alittle less work :rolleyes:

what were you planning on adding?

This would be a good program for people having a seperate disk to install stuff from.

You made a program you don't use? (XPlode) cool. how's teh sourceforge site goin?

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I'll probably do sourceforge this weekend.

Have to add comments and licenses and s*** first.

I started XPlode cuz I would use it, but nowadays I don't... XPCREATE does what I need as far as the install goes, and this thing should do me fine when I want to deploy certain progs to certain comps, without doing others.

Anyways, the thing is almost exactly the same as the Add/Remove progs... which was the idea. Except it's not used to remove ;-)

Images should theoretically work... it's just a bunch of HTML using the IE renderer. Of course, they have to exist on the drives... unless I start looking into streams and s***. Which arne't fun.

Anyways, lunch is burning, I'll be back in a while :)

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Excellent, I put all my fav apps in selfextracting rars, but i guess now i can replace rar execution completely with you X-suite + normal rar (easier to maintain/update)

good work

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a button for install all ?

also is it possible (not specifically to your program) to have a program that will search a folder (that has all your programs) and put the names of them into the program and then enable the user to install them by pressing "install" or something?

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Ummm... install all could just as easily be done by using XPlode :)

XPlode and XPdeploy use the exact same XML syntax.

Hell, at the moment XPdeploy needs the colour config from XPlode, even though it doesn't use it. (All I did was copy XPlode and write a new UI for it.) This is why it's completely compatible with XPlode SDK2 plugins. And that's how I want it :rolleyes:

I'll probably put out a release today, just so you people can do some testing. About the only thing I've added so far is an "image" attribute to the item tag. They're just transparent gifs, you can use anything IE can use. (All it does is embed an IE window.)

       <item display="nVidia Drivers" image="%XPLODE%\images\nvidia.gif">
           <execute display="Install NVMixer" program="%XPLODE%\NVMixer\setup.exe" arguments='-s -f1 "%XPLODE%\NVMixer\setup.iss"' />
           <execute display="Install Detonator 53.03" program="%XPLODE%\nV-detonator53.03\setup.exe" arguments='-s -f1 "%XPLODE%\nV-detonator53.03\setup.iss"' />

As you can see, only the image tag has been added.

As a sidenote, this was actually how I wanted XPinstall to look like, right from the start :D

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Checkboxes and an install button would be cool. This would be a godsend for those drivers that don't integrate correctly but you don't necessarily want to install on all systems (like Detonator or Catalyst drivers depending on the system).

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looks cool.

You're almost to the point of having a selectable XPlode. Just check the box that you want to install, then have a master install button to install what's checked. Ya know....sorta like Windows Update :)

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hey wraith man, i have a few questions

would it be possible to have this run at the beginning of the installation? in that way you wouldnt have to come in halfway thru the installation to select which programs u want to install....

say it comes at the start of the installation, and then depending on what boxes are ticked, it generates an xml file that xplode can use to install? would that be possible?

this way you wouldnt ahve to select halfway thru the installation

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1 thing i can think of about this is to have a dos executable file

then with it boot it with cdshell and select the programs u want to be installed (so xml gets created) then put it under xplode instead of xpdeploy...

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It would have to be a dos executable - XPdeploy won't run until after IE has been installed.

Which is something like T-19 or something. After installing the network.

So really, it would have to be half way through the installation, otherwise, you'll need a dos executable, as XM says.

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