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Windows XP Prof. On Laptop from 2015


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Hello MSFN!

Recently, I tried to install Windows XP on a Lenovo G50-80, to experience real days with it, not with an VM.

Intel i7-5500U, 2x8GB DDR3 SoDIMM, Intel Graphics 5500, Radeon M330, 128GB Intenso SSD, HM87 Chipset (according to Google and ChatGPT, because it stands NOWHERE ON THE HARDWARE)

It runs Vista and maybe it can run XP too, but it won't work, how hard I tried.

I tried from USB and CD, used SP1/SP3/x32/x64 Versions, tried to include the AHCI driver from this Forum and only one Error comes out. If it's right, "iaStore is corrupted" after it end loading from the beginning. Can someone help? I can't really find anything on the Internet, and I really want to try it. 

Have a good (for me) night.

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18 hours ago, Dietmar said:


Make a try with the nice XP SP3 from Ramsey.

Choose the Sata driver from Kai and the acpi.sys from this XP


I got the XP x86. And to install all these Extras in the folder, I just need to use "Options Menu", the .cmd file?

Edit: Nevermind, thanks for the recommend (XP from Ramsey). So, can I boot it from USB if it's possible for XP?


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16 hours ago, Dixel said:

But Vista has known troubles with Haswell CPU family. Do you have delays upon boot?

If I'm right it showed me always a error on boot, but it was to see for like a second. After it, it booted normally, but it couldn't find the right drivers, even if I installed them.
Now I can't check it because I lost my Vista CD, and even the ISO image to burn. Sorry.

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You can easy get all those updates via


Because this lasts very long, I always use after XP SP3 install the updates first from


and then the updates  from Ramsey

and the rest via legacyupdate.net


PS: There is via those updates always the error in the msi installer.

This you have to solve by hand via

Click Start, click Run, type MSIEXEC /UNREGISTER, and then click OK.

Click Start, click Run, type MSIEXEC /REGSERVER, and then click OK.

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