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LG V35ThinQ Android 10 Or Newer Compatibility


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I have a phone ive been using the past few years the lg V35 ThinQ and I was wondering if android 10 would be available for this phone? It was released In 2018 and i know atat phones got the update but would a non branded model be able to get the update? 

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According to AT&T's website, the most recent version for this phone is Android 9 at the Nov. 2020 patch level. 


Release date:

November 23, 2020

Android version:


Security patch level (SPL):

April 1, 2020

Build number:


Software version:


File size:



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Look here to see what's available beyond the land of official vendor's offerings. Be sure to carefully study the installation procedure for whatever OS you'll pick and backup everything on the phone before you get to it as data wiping will be unavoidable.

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On 3/17/2024 at 5:16 PM, UCyborg said:

Aye, though I've unlocked the bootloader on my Sony not long after I bought it (and voided the warranty). No regrets!

Do you know how to fight a smartphone that turns on by itself?


Most frequently when it's on charge.

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On 3/28/2024 at 9:26 AM, D.Draker said:

Do you know how to fight a smartphone that turns on by itself?

Mine does that, too. It's to install updates.:D

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My model came with dedicated OTA (Over The Air) update partition, it's occupied by TWRP recovery now, I never saw the original OTA update function in action. Though from what I've seen with newer phones, they tend to go smoothly in general, and I guess it's fine if you like the experience as manufacturer came up with.

There are apps that I do update (manually). The few that might need Google's Play Services are actually happy with an older version of it. I keep Play Store disabled, otherwise, this one likes updating Google's core components regardless of the auto-update setting. Auto-update of Google's stuff can be messy with low storage capacity.

Still learning new things after almost 10 years of ownership. I had no idea these things have software switch to disable charging. While I'm careful that I don't keep the battery at 100% for too long, some hours have been spent at that capacity. Someone seems to have really put a lot of work in Advanced Charging Controller. And I only got to know about it in 2024.

Looks like I'm not updating Chromium (WebView) anymore. For Android 7, it ends at version 119.

It's been a while since any phone I had was actually off, but if I recall, plugging them in then would only show the battery icon, I don't think the full OS booted in that case. Without charger plugged, nothing would ever show on the screen.

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