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[Start all back, Feature request] Combine taskbar buttons: Never, hide labels


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As the title says, it would be nice to have the option to not combine taskbar buttons but also hide the labels.

I've had this setup on windows 10 using 7+ Taskbar Tweaker but it doesn't support windows 11.
on windows 11 I had this setup using Windhawk with the "Disable grouping on the taskbar" mod but that seems to no longer be compatible with Start All back, used to work, but broke after some update.
It still works on the default windows 11 taskbar but that is s*** for other reasons.

This seems like a pretty straightforward thing to implement, please consider it.

Bonus: "When taskbar full, hide labels" would also be nice, for completeness sake.

I've attached an example on how this locks like on vanilla taskbar + the Windhawk mod


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