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Chrome 110-based Opera - I ported it to Vista.


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4 hours ago, Saxon said:

"one man"

"One superman" brigade of dozens accounts is his rather new conspiracy theory, before that it was a "governmental European organization":buehehe: that allegedly aimed to discredit the AV he was fiercely pushing at MSFN. I even got angry PMs with that AV promotions. About Opera, stick with the one I did, no need to update right now, later on I'll find a solution, like I always do.

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On 2/19/2024 at 9:22 AM, Saxon said:

Thad said, I sincerely wish the cra*ker overcomes that bug, probably he needs to use @D.Draker's findings to get there.

To cease the most likely probable s* storm of insults, I'm posting this screenshot, but without the links, of course.

It's a screen of Blauko*vitch's Chrome, that has the same error as Blauko*vitch's Opera "cra*k".

Both totally unusable, as of now.


It's much worse for me, and I don't even have the Aero theme like you. I ran it on my Windows 8.0 with Light and Dark themes, it consumed all 32GB of memory with 1 empty page, and after one second I got "out of memory" even at the settings page!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Some two weeks ago, I fixed the awful memory leak in Rabinovitcsh's Opera "cr+ck". I was willing to hesitate posting about it due to the fact it needed to be tested properly, and I only use Opera on occasion. 

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And yeah, if win32 wishes to know what I fixed, please get in touch via PM. The information is not be shared with 3rd parties. The result is good, but I still want to improve it more, As of now, it still feels heavy on a low end PC with 4GB of RAM.

8GB and more - very good.

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