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Compiling ACPI v2.0 driver for Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2003 SP2 (x32/x64)

Mov AX, 0xDEAD

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this works at once!!!

I can see the 24 cores of the 12900k cpu in Device Manager and power consumption goes nearly to zero,

when cpu has a load of 0%.

And a lot of 007^^

May be, the Bsod depends on which version of iasl.exe you use


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Hi guys !

Many thanks to all on this forum!

I read a lot of threads about windows xp here and on @Dietmar advice I bought an Asrock Z370 gaming k6 motherboard.

I installed latest Windows XP Integral Edition, everything works great!
@Dietmar thank you very much again for recommending this board on the forum,

in the future I would like to buy Z690, but for now it's expensive for me.

I installed a 9400f processor and noticed that in the cpu-z it runs all the time at the maximum frequency and never reduces it.
Dear @Damnation, I see that you are very good at editing DSDT, please help me.

Dear @Dietmar maybe you can help too?

Could you help me make a modified DSDT for this processor and tell me how to install it??
I read the last pages of the topic, but I still didn’t understand guys how you do this miracle :)

Thanks again to all of you, you are the best!!!



@Damnation , @Dietmar

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Gigabyte brix GB-BACE 3000


Hi there. Does anyone know a solution for this small machine so that I can install windows xp? I should have it in my workshop. I was thinking of transferring uefi from win 7 so that it can boot up. I tried windows xp 64 bit, but it doesn't want to boot either.. Well, with easyboot2, I made a menu bug, threw up 3 types of cp, 2 64-bit ones, it doesn't do anything, with 32-bit I get to the point where it starts grinding, but it says this: The installer could not find the hard disk drive installed in the computer. SSD is plugged into 2 usb. I transferred it to the home server machine, and it also did the following via a gigabyte brix sata cable:



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36 minutes ago, Dietmar said:


Just put this modified intelppm.sys into windows\system32\drivers

of your XP from an outstanding OS



@Dietmar  thank you very much for the quick answer!

I replaced the IntelPPM.Sys file, but unfortunately the processor frequency does not decrease

and the maximum frequency in the CPU-Z and AID64 CPU ID is always shown.

If I open the Task manager, then the processor loading is minimal,

but the frequency is always displayed at the maximum.

I attached a screenshot.


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@Dietmar thanks again you are huge!

This program shows 16W, everything seems to be fine.

Once again, I personally thank you for the recommendation of this motherboard on the forum!

I create this computer for old games, I want to add a GTX960-980 video card (I have not chosen yet) and X-fi for the EAX.

I'm happy!



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1 hour ago, Dietmar said:


This compi has the Intel cpu N3000 with graphik HD 400.

The Bios has CSM, so you will be able to install XP

but no 3D graphik for HD 400 under XP


Hello, what do you recommend? Unfortunately, I am absolutely lame in this area. How should it be done? Thank you for your quick reply.


more precisely, which type of xp system could I install? Legacy mode or uefi

32bit install?

both have a 32 / 64 black screen and the cursor just flashes



ssd gpt or mbr formating?

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Can this be used to implement ACPI driver that will in fact ignore ACPI for BIOS that does not support ACPI and does not have ACPI table? Something like silently ignore ACPI, provide SMP support (multiprocessor support via MPS multiprocessor) and don't throw BSOD?


See screenshot here: https://www.cpushack.com/2019/01/14/part-2-mini-mainframe-at-home-the-story-of-a-6-cpu-server-from-1997/

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1 hour ago, Dietmar said:


Only MBR works for now with XP.

Use Firadisk install as described in https://www.zone94.com/

together with this nice XP SP3 from Ramsey



Thanks. is there a video demonstration of this Firadisk thing? I can't find the description.



It freezes when I get here.. Welcome to setup... Enter= continue R-Repair F3= exit




This video:


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