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dbghelp.dll errors while installing or running some programs


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Don't understand why some setups/programs give me an error that dbghelp.dll is missing. I tried to put the dbghelp.dll in the same folder as the application, but nothing happens, still have the same error. If I try to put in the folder of the setup the dbghelp.dll located in Syswow64, it just tells that I don't have the minimum system requirements. Someone had these problems with that dll? Pd. Using the dghelp.dll provided by Win32 in his extended Kernel don't solve the issue.

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On 10/1/2021 at 4:16 AM, Sergiaws said:

it just tells that I don't have the minimum system requirements

If this is a new message after replacement of DbgHelp from wow64 into the applications folder then it could be a 32bit app. So you need both a 64bit DbgHelp and a 32bit version of DbgHelp I would think but not sure. Even though you have tried a different version of DbgHelp sometimes the app comes with its own DbgHelp which can be too old to interact with other OS components and I would try a different version again. For example Dungeon Siege 1 comes with DbgHelp and originally my WinME system had to use this version with the game. Now my ME system does not work with the Dungeon Siege 1 original DbgHelp and I have to remove it from the apps folder and use/rely on my system DbgHelp which is version I use this version because it has more functions available over any newer version that is compatible with WinME. I think from memory that DbgHelp, ImageHlp and ImgUtil, to which I use LH5270 versions of the latter have to be compatible to each other. Use Dependency Walker to see if it is 64bit or 32bit.

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