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Secure LAN file sharing options?

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I have some systems in a LAN, connected through the usual cable-company supplied WAN/LAN router. Router brand is Technicolor. 

File sharing is set disabled in the Windows XP systems, in the LAN-Adapter settings. At the moment I cannot say exactly how necessary that is for security, but that is what I did.

The router had a nice option to use an USB storage device as a NAS. It worked to some degree, however, it is bugged: At some point certain files start to behave read-only.

So the past years I have been just swapping around USB storage. (And experiencing reliability issues with USB 3 drives and USB 3 SD card readers, which have made me prefer USB 2 again for these ones. No issues with larger 2,5" USB 3 devices )

Can someone recommend a small NAS like solution for sharing files between Windows XP and Linux? Just to hold some music and books and transfer some small files.

Thanks in advance

Edit: I do have a small E350 nettop with Windows XP functioning as internet radio. But am hesitant to make it the file sharing device. Maybe if I would install Linux on it instead.



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My first post! :D

This was interesting as I just set up a cheap thin client with gigabit ethernet running OpenBSD 24/7 serving files. I wanted both encrypted SSH/SFTP and unencrypted FTP access as the devices in my household are both new and old. Works very well!

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Should you go for the (very correct) thin client suggestion, this is an extremely good resource (useful to find what specs/features various el-cheapo machines have): 

https://www.parkytowers.me.u k/thin/

(though I never used one as NAS, I do have a few good ol' Transmeta Crusoe :w00t: based thin clients - FujitsuSiemens Futro S220/300 - used as router, going strong since 2012, 24/7, I am on the second one as a power supply blew during a storm due to spikes).



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Thanks for the suggestions!

So I will slowly start on preparing a Linux environment for one of the E350 Nettops (yeah I have a spare one too), to make it both the internet radio and a file sharing device.  I am already familiar with Linux Solus 4 Mate, so I really prefer to use that, and avoid having to learn about a different OS or distribution. 

Regardless, If someone has some knowledge about the security or insecurity of Windows XP NAT file sharing, in the current day and age, I would gladly learn about it.


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