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win9x: how work with drivers?


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Dsound.dll and on Control Painel errors have to do with sound driver.

error code 192 when i try install the Conexant AC-Link Audio driver

I format again and again hehehe. I install the audio driver without problems, but more late i Will test. The USB driver is confuse me: what is the driver hehehe. I have the driver só more late i Will resolve.

Please try find another wireless driver.

Thanks so much for all


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There are no Windows 9x drivers for Wireless 2200BG. End of story.

For best results, replace your mini PCI wireless card in your laptop with something like NKRCM9 or a similar one that has the Atheros 5004/5213 chipset.

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i'm sorry, but anyone knows some USB driver for i use pen and others external devices?

i did it before... some failling like now and others work.. and i don't know what i miss :(

can anyone advice me or i must format the laptop again?

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now works fine... what i did:
1 - on Driver Manager, we open the  'Universal Serial Bus controllers' list;
2 - Remove all on the list( one by one);
3 - install the NUSB36e(or other similar): https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Use-USB-Drives-With-Windows-98/;
4 - reboot the computer(i did it manually, because that window for reboot wasn't showed);
5 - after use the pen and now works..
my mistake, was install the Chipset drivers before install the USB drivers ;)
now my problem was resolved on USB and understand why i was wrong on doing it ;)
in time i will play some games for see the sound.
thank you so much for all to all... thank you

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11 hours ago, Joaquim said:

do i need 'remove safe' before unplug the pen?

u ALWAYS must do "safe remove" before hot-unplug anything.
moreover, i recommend turn off machine fully before plug/unplug anything.

all "home" hot-plug/hot-unplug technologies is unreable.
u always have risk of electrical and/or mechanical chock for device.
u can crack all device, not only lost data. its very valid for modern devices.

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