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Mini 10x64 in VHD


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Mini 10x64 in VHD created with Win_Reduce_Trusted

Download:  Win_Reduce_Trusted-40  and  VHD_WIMBOOT 

Download:   Portable VLC x64  vlc-3.0.12-win64.7z  Or  Portable Freeware and Firefox Portable and LibreOffice

Manual:    VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf

1. WinNTSetup - Fresh Install in 25 GB VHD using Win10x64 ISO from TechBench
2. VHD_WIMBOOT - Capture WimBoot LZX and Apply in Compact LZX mode in VHD 
3. Mount VHD with doubble-click and use Win_Reduce_Trusted on Offline Windows
- Reduce in 1 minute gives Mini 10x64 VHD UsedSize = 1.79 GB
- Capture WimBoot LZX WIM = 1.19 GB and Apply Compact LZX in 3.9 GB VHD
4. Boot with 3.9 GB VHD - Always use the supplied Firewall App Blocker and Enable WhiteList to Allow Internet Browser only
- This is the easiest way to block unwanted internet traffic including Windows Update and prevents the growth of Used Size inside VHD

 Win_Red_SV_2020-10-29_084710.thumb.jpg.53bfb61f00515fa8f50abc6419b6cfea.jpg  Win_Red_SV_2020-10-29_090507.thumb.jpg.99a3633a358ede4d06c58160b1724237.jpg



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support wimb GitHub

VHD_WIMBOOT - Apply and Capture of WIM Files for OS in VHD

Manual:   VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf

Credits and Thanks to:
- cdob for making the batch program base_winsxs.cmd slightly modified by wimb as base_winsxs_2.cmd
- Nir Sofer for making AdvancedRun (64-bit)
- alacran for sharing SysWOW64 FileList and for sharing his Mini 10x64 File / Folder Lists
- alacran for sharing info on using LibreOfficePortable and making useful Desktop and SendTo Links
  Reducing Win10 and older OSs footprint - http://reboot.pro/index.php?showtopic=22383


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Win_Reduce_Trusted-36 is suitable to Reduce Windows 7/8/10 x64

to make Mini 7/8/10 x64 in VHD with UsedSize about 2 GB whch can be used for booting from RAMDISK

Win 7/8 requires to install wofadk.sys driver as done by WinNTSetup using mode Compact:NONE

Win_Red_8_2020-11-13_115204.thumb.jpg.3ae24acb16d01879e3e091540abe231d.jpg  Win_Red_8_2020-11-13_111021.thumb.jpg.bdbaaec3c0f50b57750897ccf8c9cc3f.jpg

Win_Red_7_2020-11-12_154201.thumb.jpg.9ddd03585d5d8b6f8e54bcc12f20a1c6.jpg  Win_Red_7_2020-11-12_082327.thumb.jpg.41fb9f3c9bbfb31d7766dfcd000f0be9.jpg


Mini_7_USV_2020-11-18_084311.thumb.jpg.ba0c641d597c2a1c0658ff700f207538.jpg  Mini_7_USV_RAM_2020-11-18_090902.thumb.jpg.79193ff1b4a38e15c443be18aa6837ef.jpg

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Can you give Screenshot of Win_Reduce_Trusted  and of Windows Explorer showing FileList of mounted VHD Drive in Details View ?

What Windows version Distribution Language do you use ? What is your ISO filename ?

Can you try with English Win10 x64 from TechBench ?

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Thanks for the ScreenShots.

Apparently the program fails to find the User_Path.

Please Attach file Win_Reduce_Trusted-33\Win_reduce\Temp_List\Folder_List_Z_Users.txt so that I can see what is the origin of the problem.

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I understand now the mistake that you made: you never installed Windows

After WinNTSetup Setup then you need to Reboot for the Installation of Windows so that also Users\Your_User_Name folder is created.

Strange that you have Selected A: as Boot drive. Is A: the Floppy Disk Drive ?  Select your normal Boot Drive.

Reboot means Shutdown computer and Start computer for Install of Windows in VHD


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You don't have EFI partition since you are booting in MBR mode with \bootmgr and \Boot\BCD

In WinNTSetup use upper-right icon to launch BOOTICE to inspect BCD of current system in Professional mode

There must be at least two boot entries: your Windows and the VHD - Give Screenshot of BOOTICE showing BCD Menu entries

Take care that all menu entries have BootMenuPolicy = Legacy and that Windows Boot Manager Timeout = 30 seconds

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9 hours ago, sharicov@gmail.com said:

I have mapped EFI partition as A:

And  yes, you are right, I didn't reboot, couldn't figure out the way to boot from VHD file.

Nowhere in the Manual is stated that you should mount Boot partition as A:

You must not mount Boot partition.

WinNTSetup will auto mount the Boot partition as Z:

WinNTSetup will auto mount created VHD as Drive Y:

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