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how do take screenshot capture in windows 2000 and where does it get saved?


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i was wondering where the screenshots are saved in windows 2000, and what's the correct command for capturing a full screenshot under windows 2000? i tried doing windows key + prt sc, but two things, it's unclear whether the screenshot went through and two, if it did, where does the screenshot get saved? i tried checking pictures in all folders, and also clipbrd.exe, however, i could not get the image / file to be present in those areas. also, this topic was for windows 2000, but if someone can mention how this can be done through windows 95 and 98SE, that would be nice. when opening clipbrd.exe, and pressing paste or w.e, nothing happens. the only other thing i can think of is pressing windows key + prt sc, then opening paint and selecting paste there? 

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If using tools is an option too:

am using this on 98, last freeware version:
This can scroll long window contents to capture them fully, although slow and can have hickups.

For Firefox there exist some addons which I envy greatly, since those allow to capture full-length pages instantly. But no clue how to get this runnin in K-Meleon, 99% sure just not possible :(

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there are two options that i just tested that have been straightforward for me ( tested on windows 2000, but apparently should work the same on windows 9x ):

option 1 - saving screenshot into paint and saving as jpeg / png, etc. this option may be the easiest / most straightforward. in windows 2000, all i did was click prt sc, and then opened paint - edit - paste, with paint showing entire desktop screenshot. then to save, just go to file - save as - jpeg / PNG, etc. 

option 2 - prt sc, then open xnview, edit - paste, then file - save as - whatever file type. 

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Just pressing the PrintScreen button places a desktop screen shot in ClipBoard in RAM. There is no need for any other buttons pressed in most keyboards. You then open an image editor like PhotoFiltre and right clock paste as new image or sometimes it is in the drop down menu > Import > Screen Capture. The clipboard can be viewed in WinME by running ClipBrd.exe in the WinDir. LICEcap 1.28 - (2017) is a desktop recorder and can be moved around when recording from https://www.cockos.com/licecap/ free. It does not need KEX and older versions are available. There are other screen capture software but I have been using ACE WINscreen available https://ace-winscreen.soft32.com/free-download/?nc&dm=2 needs a KernelEx basic setting for an active X load? I am not sure if it needed it originally though (2007) it might be I have to set the active X module to a KernelEx setting (It should be set as I have registered all OCX files) but at the moment KEX24 overrides child modules when disabled and I might be using a different OCX version to that back in the day. Caltrox says it is 98 compatible. WINscreen selects a portion of the screen with mouse drag selection. The system tray menu controls do not work for me but it has a GUI which does work. Caltroxsoft.com web site does not seem to be behaving as it should so it is probably best to get it through soft32 as it is correct.

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