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Is Windows NT 4.0 Able To Connect to Windows 10 Client?

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I Have a Virtual Machine Called Emilio (Not The Thing From Microsoft As That is From Virtualbox) He runs In Windows NT 4.0 And Had to Connect to the Most Recent Windows. Windows 10.

IS This Possible?

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SMBv1 protocol needs to be activated on Windows 10
I have not tried it on NT4 but on NT5 it is also necessary to start the machine with NT5 first before the machine with NT10 for it to work. I don't know how it works on a virtual machine.

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This is a very interesting concept. You mean something like VMWare Client Login (vmware horizon client)? In theory some sort of streaming Windows 10 might be possible to NT 4.0. I am trying to recall the title of one youtube video that ran Windows XP a very ancient machine, then streamed Windows 7 to the machine. But, NT 4.0 computers are gonna be very slow if they can achieve this.

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