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Everything is correct, But somehow aeroglass can't hook my dwm?

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Howdy! I've been using aeroglass fine for the last, idk i'd say year or so, and it's wonderful
however when windows rolled over to 1903 aeroglass complained about my dwm, and i've done basically everything. my windows build is 18363 (1909) and somehow my dwm differs from the normal? I have the debug.log and I've unmarked my key and machine id, but i assure you that's all correct. and i've tried completely uninstalling it and reinstalling it with no luck. I'll give y'all the debug.log, and if you need the memory dump just ask and i'll happily send it over. Thanks for your time, i appreciate it


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You need to update the whole symbols thingy I think. I'm assuming you're a free user and AeroGlass isn't updating it for you automatically? I'm not a professional myself to be honest. But it's related to symbols (thing) not AeroGlass itself. 1903 should work fine with AeroGlass and your .log does mention the symbols portion.

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On 5/20/2020 at 5:47 PM, UCyborg said:

Aero Glass isn't compatible with Win10 builds 1836x.752 and later, see older threads on this sub-forum.

Ah, seems I misunderstand what he typed. Thought he was on 1903. My bad.

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Well, it's been a little bit and they've released aeroglass for up to 1909, and trying to install that still doesn't work.
I've downloaded symbols with pdbdownloader.exe as some other people suggest, and none of them have a .error file, but it still freaks out
and to be safe i've downloaded the pdbs for dwmapi, dwmcore, dwmghost, dwminit, dwmredir, dwmscene, and udwm just to be absolutely sure it has the pdbs it needs
In the debug.log file there is no immediate issues, it loads correctly then just says it's crashed many times (see bottom of post for debug.log)

it repeats that several times as it retries to hook dwm
idk what this message means, and therefore i don't know what i can do to fix it.

The thing is: when i run the install and it shows the finish screen it doesn't give me the 'dont know how to hook this version of dwm' anymore,
and my screen flashes (three times, specifically) and for about 3 seconds each time i see aeroglass working as intended, with my settings in aeroglassgui and everything.

thanks for the help guys; i really do appreciate it.

Update: Right after posting this a command prompt opened up and downloaded applicationframe.pdb

[2020-08-02 17:15:12][0x2A84:0x3074] Machine ID: [MACHINE ID HIDDEN]
[2020-08-02 17:15:12][0x2A84:0x3074] Checking key [KEY HIDDEN]
[2020-08-02 17:15:12][0x2A84:0x3074] Hook (USER32.dll!DrawTextW from udwm.dll) installed
[2020-08-02 17:15:12][0x2A84:0x3074] Hook (GDI32.dll!CreateBitmap from udwm.dll) installed
[2020-08-02 17:15:12][0x2A84:0x3074] Hook (GDI32.dll!CreateRoundRectRgn from udwm.dll) installed
[2020-08-02 17:15:12][0x2A84:0x3074] Aero Glass for Win8.1+ x64 correctly loaded (C:\AeroGlass\DWMGlass.dll).
[2020-08-02 17:15:12][0x46C:0x3CA4] C:\AeroGlass\DWMGlass.dll has been injected into dwm.exe.
[2020-08-02 17:15:13][0x2A84:0x32A0] DBGHELP: Symbol Search Path: .;SRV*C:\AeroGlass\symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols
[2020-08-02 17:15:13][0x2A84:0x32A0] Loading settings (flags = 0x3) from HKEY 0x0000000000000EF8 for session #1
[2020-08-02 17:15:13][0x2A84:0x32A0] dwmcore.dll version 10.0.18362.752
[2020-08-02 17:15:14][0x2A84:0x32A0] udwm.dll version 10.0.18362.752
[2020-08-02 17:15:15][0x2A84:0x32A0] Symbols loaded from external files: 0x2000
[2020-08-02 17:15:19][0x46C:0x3CA4] dwm.exe process crashed several times. DLL injection has been stopped.
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To make matters simple, there is 1909 v1 and a later update bumped it up to 1909 v2 so to speak, AeroGlass is unsupported on 1909 v2 or higher. You can do some trickery by replacing Windows files but this will stop working on 2004 entirely.

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