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  1. You can change the size of the buttons in Windows itself. No need to let the theme do it. That was kind of the beauty of Aeroglass. Almost everything you needed and wasn't in windows you could finally tweak while adding the blur. Then combined with Windows and it was very good. Unfortunate part is is that I paid for this product when it was basically already out of date for the latest Windows. I guess I could use it for like 1-2 months or so. For more information: https://winaero.com/how-to-reduce-title-bar-height-and-size-of-window-buttons-in-windows-10/
  2. Nobody knows. And his communication in regards to this paid product has always been shoddy. We can only guess and imagine that we might be right.
  3. I pretty much agree 100%. Got nothing else to say. I unfortunately don't think we will see any change though.
  4. I don't mind him taking a bit to update. I want him to be more transparent in what he's doing. That's what I said before. Transparency leads to me and others understanding him more and maybe even donate more money in the long run. But instead, the systems he build surrounding AeroGlass makes me very distrustful. StartIsBack doesn't have that and I paid for that too.
  5. I never said I didn't understand the situation. I don't mind paying money for something. But I do expect the person selling it to be honest about it. I have absolutely no idea if he's honest about it. I don't really feel you really try to understand what I'm saying. "I have donated more than once but I also wait patiently for the updates without plastering complaints all over the forum here" I don't "plaster complaints all over the forum" either. I've been mostly (trying) to help people out and some questions/comments here and there. But yeah, thanks a lot for your reply. I guess I'm
  6. We have absolutely no idea how long it takes. It could take a full week or it could take 12 hours. We have no idea. This is what I mean with speculation. Did he ever share any info regarding what it takes to update? How big of a chance is there even that this can cause bugs? And if a lot of bugs can be there does he have a very solid way of fixing these with some kind of debugging software perhaps? And having an application without bugs is pretty logical yes. I don't see how that changes anything in this particular situation. We still don't know how much testing is actually done each update.
  7. I personally do think it's weird that the moment I purchased a premium license for this software it was already out of date. Since I knew about AeroGlass it has been out of date. I'm "freaking out" because it does take him so long to update a paid product. I could only use it for some time because I had 1903. You can call it donating but we all know it isn't. The "free" version (trial) is a stripped down version. You need to pay to unlock all it's features and for most make it a viable option to use daily. Having fancy glass windows while having an ugly (Opinion of mine but also a lot of
  8. Ah, seems I misunderstand what he typed. Thought he was on 1903. My bad.
  9. I've noticed this as well and it just feels to me like it isn't the same color. That's the reason why I noticed actually. In a lot of scenario's (based on background) the colors of the 2 separate portions are very far from identical. With my color configuration it's even more noticeable if a window is unfocused.
  10. You need to update the whole symbols thingy I think. I'm assuming you're a free user and AeroGlass isn't updating it for you automatically? I'm not a professional myself to be honest. But it's related to symbols (thing) not AeroGlass itself. 1903 should work fine with AeroGlass and your .log does mention the symbols portion.
  11. Glass reflection stilll works yeah. I don't know how it worked before but I didn't need to select a reflection texture. AeroGlass doesn't explain that very well. Simply set to "Glass Reflection Intensity" to whatever you want and it works. Set it to 100% so you can see that it works. As for blur, I don't know how it was before so I can't comment on that.
  12. What I did was simply rename the 2 .dll's to something silly. They will still be in use and un-deletable while the current session of DWM is running. After that simply paste the 2 .dll's from the archive file in the "system32" folder and restart your PC (or restart DWM). Then I deleted the 2 old files and I had AeroGlass working. I obviously made a backup prior to all this.
  13. Yes, that's me :P. And fair enough. I hope the person who makes this has time soon. World is in chaos now and I'm suspecting that he/she is rather busy with things at the moment.
  14. Hey, I've installed the latest version now available on http://www.glass8.eu/ and it still crashes. Apparently I have a slightly different version from the usual 1909 build? The one reported is "18363.752" Also posted my debug.log file. I enabled the EnableLogging thing but I'm not sure if it has any effect. If anyone needs any more info, don't hesitate to ask for it. EDIT: Seems I made a mistake and reported a duplicate issue now? The other thread is still ongoing. I guess 1909 worked fine but newer updates off this "branch" did not. So yeah, if anyone can delete this topic, that
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