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Firefox 24 - 52 for ME and 98

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1 hour ago, MSwin98forever said:

Hmm.. I reinstall KernelEx and copy this files without 3party installer, and errors are same, and now error is "mscvr120.dll requires new windows", what a heck is this?

I haven't tested the files from sendfile.su/1624653. Files may be corrupted. I always used the original files from sourceforge.net and topics KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17) and Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions.

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If you are using the uploaded Core.ini then the contents= line under {BASE} is wrong it should be one line and be std,kexbasen,kexbases,kstub823 You also should have Kstub823.ini in the KernelEx folder along with Kstub823.dll. The upload ini file is not named correctly.

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Yes, it is important to always use the same name for Kstub823 - Kstub823 or Kexstubs or stubs - and not different names, that doesn't work. But std,kexbasen,kexbases,kstub823 or contents=Kstub823,std,kexbasen,kexbases does not matter in this case. There is no need to overwrite any definitions. I said MSwin98forever contents=Kstub823,std,kexbasen,kexbases before. This is the order I use. 

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desc=Base enhancements (api fixes + extensions)

That is the unmodified text of the original core.ini file. I never deleted Kstub824 from the next line. It has no function here. I think it is a placeholder or something to switch easy between 823 and the not released version 824 for jumper or simply a remnant.

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Install 4.5.2. You see the KernelEx files in the KernelEx folder.

Release Notes.txt

I hope I catched them all.

Back it up (copy the folder). Then test functionalty with e.g. Opera 11.64 (Win2000SP4 mode). Only when that works go the next step:

Replace the eight named KernelEx files:


Please use these files. I recommend to replace psapi and uxtheme, too. But these aren't required to run Firefox 31.

Then test with improved Firefox 31.8 (XPSP2 mode).

Only when that works go the next step and add Kext.


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Hmm, 4.5.2 already supports IsProcessorFeaturePresent. Opera should even start with KernelEx default mode! 2kSP4 avoids some issues. What happens, if you rename this profile folder? Try to run Firefox 9.0.1. Check, if there are running strange processes in the background. I suppose you have sufficient resources.

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