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Path Environment x86 x64 vs 32Bit File


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Hi, some tools, extra files, and so on, store their files in the System32 Folder,...

But, as everyone know, on a 64Bit System the System32 Folder contains 64Bit Files, and the 32Bit Files are stored in Syswow64.

I was just wondering about, if it is a good idea to store 32Bit Files in this Folder, cause some of them need other dll´s from this folder two, and maybe the "jumpoints" are different inside, and the 32Bit Jumppoints are out of range, cause Syswow64 ist not part of the environment...

So i decide, to add Syswow64 to the SystemEnvironment, and store 32Bit files there instead...

- Does this make "sense" for you, or should i expect new and more errors, cause windows got 2 folders with particular similar named files, in its environment?

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Of course you can expect new errors. It is because not all programs will use the environment variables in order to path to files.

The safest place for known files that end up in the "wrong" place is to keep those files in the working or source dir of the exe. For example, if there is some program built for x86 that wants to use files in "system32" (but would hit up against some unsupported 64bit file) OR you want to say... run a program that requires an old version of a file (or a file from an older OS) then put it in the working dir. If the program is launched from a shortcut, and has a specified working dir, you can use that. You can use process monitor, attached to an .exe to see the search path for files on startup. Usually you will see an .exe look for files in the same dir that the .exe is in, but not be found.

But again, this is only if the program is using relative paths. If it is using absolute paths, then it may be difficult to workaround.

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You can't access System32 folder on 64-bit OS from 32-bit program without going out of your way to do so. All accesses to it transparently redirected to SysWOW64. So it makes no sense to specifically add SysWOW64 anywhere.

The only way to access actual System32 folder on 64-bit OS from 32-bit program is by accessing Sysnative folder. You can navigate into it using 32-bit Command Prompt (cmd.exe) or any other 32-bit application.

So keep 32-bit stuff in SysWOW64 folder and don't worry about it unless you encounter a problem worth worrying about.


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Same as always.
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Thanks for your answers, its kind of informative, but for the case, that i have only a 32 Bit Version of a file, etc - i have to do some tests, sadly i didnt got the time for testing - all time goes to destroying windows in VM´s ( a single wrong reg, ownership, removed file, destroys everthing...)

- windows is like sugar, and i am the rain, that drops on it...

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