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driver for old Canon scanner


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 I am trying to install an old Canon scanner in this computer.

O/S is Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

The scanner model is D640U.  I/O is USB.

Windows detects the hardware, but fails to install a driver.

Of course, the scanner does not work in this situation.

Canon website says there is no driver for this model and O/S

and that either it does not need any driver or a driver is

already included with Windows.

I searched in driverguide, driverspec and some other websites, and

it seems that they don´t have any driver available for a Windows

version later than XP.

The last Windows version in the scanner installation CD is 98ME...

Is there any workaround ?


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You could use XP mode seemingly:


but it has to be seen if that works on a 64 bit OS. :dubbio:


There is a Commercial tool, Vuescan, however:


there is a free trial, at 40/80 bucks isn't the cheapest software around, but if it works (on the specific scanner) it might still be worth it.


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I recently purchased Vuescan for an old and trusted HP scanner for which there were no Win7 drivers.

I dual boot with XP.

Vuescan worked fine but in my opinion the interface is a bit convoluted and for a copy you need to do 3 or 4 key strokes whereas the same scanner on XP is only one.

I went for the Standard version.

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There aren´t any drivers for64 bit XP available from Canon.

The last drivers are for 32 bit XP.  Some people in w7forums

say those drivers also work for 32 bit Vista, but no one

mentioned 64 bit systems.

Is there any way to emulate a 32 bit XP system in 

64 bit W7 ?


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The link I posted earlier says that it is possible to use the XP Mode on 32-bit Windows 7.

What I don't know the XP mode works on a 64-bit Windows 7 in your case. :dubbio:

Why don't you simply try it?

You can downoad it from MS:




It is also possible that you could run a "full" Virtual Machine (running XP) inside Windows 7 64-bit, but then it has to be seen if there is a "pass-through" USB provision and if it works with that scanner (it may work for HID and Masss Storage devices buit not for Scanners/Imaging devices :blink:).



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17 hours ago, jassenna said:

Is there any way to emulate a 32 bit XP system in 

64 bit W7 ?

Vmware Player does run a 32 bit XP system.
A USB scanner can be passed from a 64 bin Win7 to the XP system.

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On 2/28/2019 at 2:39 PM, jaclaz said:

...   There is a Commercial tool, Vuescan...


there is a free trial...


This is a good way to test a scanner, and see if you like the program.

The fully functioning download is free, but the output (jpg, tif, pdf) has watermarks. 

After purchasing, subsequent output is free of watermarks

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I was not able to run VM Ware in this machine. It always exits with en error

message about some missing library. 

Indeed, there seem to be many things missing in this installation of Windows;

even solitaire does not run here.

 As I had more pressing problems, I did scan the documents elsewhere and am

only intermittenly looking at this thread.


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Windows 7 64bit on its own is missing a number of DLLs that often came with previous MS OS like XP. Tools such as Windows Media Player and Word were often bundled with some versions of earlier OS and when that stopped nobody apparently considered that other software you might install required the DLLs that came with them but not included in Windows 7 itself.

I've had to find and install at least three 'missing' DLLs over the years I've used Windows 7 to get other software working.

There is at least one reliable source online:-


Use the hash MD5/SHA1 hash info provided to ensure the veracity of your downloaded DLL.

Alternatively if you have an old PC with things like Word, Excel or Windows Media Player the missing DLL might be on that but it is likely to be just the 32bit version.

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