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Required to activate Win XP but MS refuses.

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On 6/18/2018 at 9:42 PM, dencorso said:

It's FUD! MS continues to activate by phone and online. They don't use the old automated phone service anymore; they have a smartphone-friendly system now, just as you said. Online activation still works for never-used-before valid FPP keys 1st activation (and maybe the next 2 activations, as of old, but I'm not sure about that). OEM SLP cannot be activated because they already are activated, provided the machine has the right string in the right place in the BIOS. Simple as that.

Well you still CAN use the old phone service rather than the smartphone one... just tell it you're not on a smartphone. but the smartphone version is way better.

By the way all you need is a texting-enabled phone. you can then type the link it texts your phone into a computer web browser and do it that way.

Sorry landlines, you'll have to do it the old way.

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When I first used the cell phone activation thing, we had to do it like you say. Because the wireless signal in the area was very poor, our phones could get texts, but not access the internet very well. We had to either go outside! :o or use some actual computer on the LAN to access that website.

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Yeah, rarely see above 1 bar in my area (Western NY) Unless you're in a city. There's a lot of areas with no service (My place of employment being one of them)

...and don't even THINK about using 4G/LTE...

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