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  1. Thanks for all of your responses. They help frame the question. nLite by design assumes that you are installing Win XP on a foreign computer, otherwise you would not need special drivers to install it. However, if you cannot activate it because it is now running on foreign equipment, why use nLite? I thought buying an OS means you can run it on any computer, albeit only one at a time. But it seems MS tries to tie it to only one computer for life. Bill
  2. I ran Magdiag and got the attached results. Windows would not resolve. I have 13 days left before I will have to reinstall Win XP. The original computer that ran Win XP no longer exists. Bill mgadiag.rtf
  3. I can still get into Win XP. I forgot to check for how long. Tried to run mgadiag. No such program. Used search to look for any file with mgadiag. No such file. I think the tech was telling me MS no longer supports Win XP so stop bothering them. She had a thick accent so I could be wrong.
  4. Thank you for responding. The online option no longer exists. The phone option still does. The machine accepted the activation numbers and tried to look them up. It said that it was invalid and I should return the product. I then got a person and she checked both the activation numbers and the product code. She said they "expired" and she could/would not give me the activation code. Bill
  5. Hi Guys I used nLite to create my Win XP install CD with new drivers. Installed correctly, but only for a trial period of 30 days without activation. MS says Win XP is no longer supported and refuses to activate. Is there a way to force activation? Thanks

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