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  1. I had the same problem 10 minutes ago. I had the file usbehci.sy_ in lowercase. it should be in UPPERCASE. After renaming it uppercase it worked. I think it could be a good idea to make all files in the I386 folder uppercase. Hope it helped.
  2. They took 10 years to do something that is working one time of 10... imagine if they start again and do it in even a year!!!
  3. I use CDShell to boot the cd and give me choice between: -Unattended for my laptop -Unattended for my desktop -Unattended (generic) -Normal for my laptop -Normal for my desktop -Normal (generic) -Default info entered I then copy from the cd one of two XPlode .xml's config to the hd, depending on the computer name. This is done with a tool of mine, mt39 to do this. mt39 is launched from winnt.sif's [GuiUnattended] DetachedProgram. At t-12, XPlode is executed with C:\setup\xplode.xml to install programs. Each .xml file launch .js script file to import different configuration for different comput
  4. OpenOffice support exporting to pdf. With a small extra macro (extendedpdf) you can export the links, too! And those too, as with PDFCreator, are open source.
  5. Yeah I know, and they insisted to enter it themselves... So the key is entered on my computer, BUT I can't see it and I would like to.
  6. The problem is, where I am they insist to enter the key themself, but the person doing it doesn't know a thing about where to enter it. So when their wlan go crazy and windows forget the key, I need to go back to them to enter it again. And they don't know a thing about linux either. All I want is to copy paste the key so when my computer forget it, I can set it back in no time.
  7. Hi, To access a wlan, someone typed in the key for me on my computer (128 bit wep key). Is there a way I can see it? I just can't find a way to learn it... I've tryed google but it always return me some info on cracking wep keys, which is not what I want to... Anyone have an idea? Thanx
  8. big_gie

    XPlode problem

    @Tweaker You should change your cmdlines.txt like this: For the shortcut, I use shortcut.exe called like this (for emule): <execute display='Shortcut' program='%WINDIR%\system32\shortcut.exe' arguments='/A:C /F:"%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Menu Démarrer\Programmes\Internet\eMule.lnk" /T:"%ProgramFiles%\eMule\emule.exe" /R:3' hide='true'/> EDIT: Corrected the post shortcut.7z
  9. Its not really important since there is lines for "WaitWin" and others. That way it will wait for the window so a faster pc wont idle not enought.
  10. Sorry there was a typo. I wanted to say "patch itself" instead of "path itself"... Try to compare the 2 .exe to see if there is any differences. If not, then it doesn't patch itself. As prathapml said, I doubt it does. That would be a really stupid registration process. Also I think it would fail to patch because the .exe is in use and cannot be modified.
  11. Yes the bridge is real. It's called Øresundsbron (or Oresund Bridge). It's a bit less then 8 km long. What you see on the photo is the danish side of the bridge/tunnel. I've went on it 3 years ago. More info on http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Oresund_Bridge Official site: http://osb.oeresundsbron.dk/frontpage/?lang=1&area=bron
  12. You mean that UltraISO.exe path itself when you register it??
  13. Don't forget that "Administrator" is for english windows. I have french and it is "Administrateur" so check with your own windows language.
  14. You need to put the @echo off before anything else, as MHz said.
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