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Is MSFN.org now practically unusable for win-98/Opera 12?


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On 9.12.2017 at 3:18 AM, winxpi said:

Didnt check that. And were you able to play the video without Opera lets say with a media player? For me it only worked inside Opera 12.

Btw.: I cant login with Opera mobile 12.1 or Opera mini on Android nor Dolphin mini aswell.

But UC Browser did work atleast in the "Desktop mode".

Seems to be webkit related with msfn.org?! 

I did learn about css once, but I just wonder why being able to login or not has to do with css. I dont want to do as Im over smart  but I always thought CSS is just for design purposes.


So If I understood it correctly....recently I tried to visit msfn.org on the Windows 98SE PC and it didnt open completely that is the part where CSS fails. And this is not just on my system.

I thought the whole msfnorg unusable thing was meant to be the login form (another issue that came fist). 

If I remember correctly that issue could be solved by using Palemoon. But never tried it myself.

But its not even loading the website completely now. That must be the issue related to CSS .I can  confirm that msfn.org also doesnt load in Opera or couple of  Firefox versions  (with the default settings). So would have to try the CSS fix suggested here.  


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Lately I tested MSFN again with Opera 12.02. No problems anymore, I can sign in etcetera in normal Author mode. Only limitation I have is that the link to www.msfn.org/board is not visible, but can be reached by clicking in the upper left of a post (apart from some empty symbols).

Thanks to the MSFN staff if they made this possible :cheerleader:

Posted with Opera 12.02 & Windows 98SE with original KernelEx

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