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Thank You Big Muscle! (Latest Creators Update Version)


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Thank you very much Big Muscle for releasing the latest 64-bit Aeo Glass version!

Your skills and efforts here are very much appreciated!

Please consider crowdfunding or asking this community for financial help for developing future Windows version releases!!

We will happily support you in releasing timely builds - Just Ask!



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He was late for 5 months.

Windows Redstone 3 will be released after month in september.

There is no more 32-bit version.

DWM.exe crashes when Chrome browser tabs are detached (tab dragged off a window to form a new window)

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Thank you very much BigMuscle! I was really looking forward to your next release and never lost hope. Please always take the time you need, the new build works perfectly so far.

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Dear BigMuscle,

My sincerest thanks for your continued support of an app which makes a fundamental difference aesthetically for Windows 10 users.

Your work puts the likes of Stardock to shame, and I am not exaggerating.

Keep up the outstanding work, friend :-)

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