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Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

Jody Thornton

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Well I've reviewed the updates as best I can and have gone through with the installation. I dunno, somehow I feel as if Microsoft isn't leveling with us on everything, you know?  Oh well

(I'll let you all know how it goes.)


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Well, something in one of the updates did overwrite my patched uxTheme files, so I fetched those from a backup, just so my themes worked.   I guess my .NET was all patched up, since the update did not apply.  Otherwise, all is well in Vista-Land!


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Greetings from the underworld :D Finally got some time to update the repository, so here goes:

SECURITY - ("6 - June 2018" Folder)
KB4093227 - Description of the security update for the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) denial of service vulnerability (v2 of April update)

KB4130956 - Description of the security update for the remote code execution vulnerability

KB4230467 - Description of the security update for vulnerabilities

KB4234459 - Description of the security update for the Windows kernel information disclosure vulnerability

KB4294413 - Description of the security update for the HIDParser elevation of privilege vulnerability

NON-SECURITY - ("Extras" Folder)
KB4039648 - Update to add SHA-2 code signing support (updated with x86 support)

KB4090928 - Windows leaks handles in the lsm.exe process and smart card applications may display "SCARD_E_NO_SERVICE" errors (only apply after update KB4056446)

KB4130978 - Time zone and DST changes in Windows for Morocco and the West Bank and Gaza

INTERNET EXPLORER - (Root folder of x86 or x64)


That will be all. Cheers:hello:

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Let's see.  I find  an update for IE 9:  KB4330559

7 Security updates:  KB4291391   KB4293756   KB4295656    KB4339291    KB4339503   KB4339854   KB4340583

and two .NET updates, each with six files

NET 4.5/4.6  KB4330559  (consisting of NDP45-KB4338417,   NDP46-KB4338420,  KB3078601,  KB4019478,  KB4338422,  and a registry patch)

NET 4.5/4.6  KB4340007  (consisting of NDP45-KB4338602,   NDP46-KB4338606,  KB3078601,  KB4019478,  KB4338611, and a registry patch)

Look anything like your pile?

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Hmmmm for IE9 x64, I have KB4339093

Oops, so do I.  Getting sloppy in my old age,   

As for the registry patches with the the .NET updates ...  I never get them to run --- they want some additional parameter I haven't figured out, so  I'm just mentioning them to be complete. 

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I have bravely gone where no man has gone before (only because no else uses Vista ....lol)

Well you're braver than I am.  I've installed the .NET and IE9 updates and the first two security updates, but it'll be another day or so before I get to another couple of updates -- it's a pain in the patootie figuring out which update to blame when things aren't working well and you've just installed a dozen software "upgrades", so I limit myself to two or three updates at a time and give them a couple days to see if they choke the system in interesting ways. 

Usually they don't of course.  Two months out of three, if that's your definition of "usual".


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