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Let the Re-Tweakage Begin


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i success to remove, but 21 packages left

i dont want to remove them all

i used cbsenum to remove packages some succeeded to removed some of them not

btw i see u made all service have their own process does it make the system less responsive or better ? or none

just for keep tracking the process easier

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I think the system responsiveness is about the same, but it's a little difficult to tell when the OS is running in a virtual machine and the workstation on which it runs is so fast that everything - even in VMs - is pretty much instantaneous.

From what I can see, the amount of RAM used (about 1 GB) is pretty similar to Win 7, but a little more than Win 8.1, to just sit and support an idle desktop that's ready for work.

By the way, I noticed only a couple of days ago that Microsoft is now enabling the "App Readiness" service, which if allowed to run will bring the removed AppX packages back after a reboot.  That service needs to be disabled, which is now done in Windows10ReTweaker.bat.


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On 11. 5. 2017 at 4:06 PM, NoelC said:

WixMouse.exe - An accessory that directs mouse wheel events to hovered-over windows.

Windows 10 does this natively, interestingly, it doesn't work for Excel (confirmed for 2010 - 2016). WizMouse has an odd bug that would make mouse pointer temporarily lag under certain circumstances and looks like I'm not the only one who experienced the issue: https://superuser.com/questions/548141/windows-scroll-without-focus

Ability to scroll in applications that don't support mouse wheel scrolling is a nice idea, though it seems it depends on individual application whether it works or not. KatMouse is a little better at it than WizMouse, if only it didn't stop working after some time (again, might be under unknown special circumstance).

Actual Window Manager (not free, 60-day trial) has this feature as well, seems to work similarly to Windows 10's native function, plus no problems with Excel. There is an interesting quirk with UAC enabled, if elevated window has keyboard focus, it only allows scrolling other elevated windows, but not the regular ones and vice-versa.

There are couple more utilities, but these are the ones tried.

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Thanks for the feedback on WizMouse and the other utilities. 

I have not experienced any mouse lag problems myself.  I tried using just Win 10's native mouse hover scroll routing, and I found there are those applications WizMouse gets to scroll that are not well-handled normally.  Seems to me, now that you mention it, that I do have to click in Excel spreadsheets to get the scroll wheel events routed to that sheet.  I might have to try out KatMouse and Actual Window Manager.


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Scrolling inactive windows surely seems to be the art on Windows. Don't forget about other utilities mentioned on that Superuser page I linked.

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I opted for disabling things, i experimented with removing components but wasn't happy with the results, sure it reduced the size of my install, but..

A. you end up with certain apps not 100% working, over time your'll notice little things here and there that have now broke, loads of errors, warnings in eventlogs.

B. you have to do it every time you upgrade or reinstall windows and it takes time, doesn't matter what script or tool you use, dism will still be slow, the more components you have to remove, the slower the process.

i tried ntlite at one point and found that removing certain components prevented windows setup from working correctly, i never narrowed it down to what components broke it, i spent hours trying different combinations but gave up in the end. I also experimented with cbsenum and install wim tweak, all with mixed results, came to the conclusion that disabling rather than removing saves a load of time and is safer for a functional windows.

I just have batch files to;

1. disable tasks, have to take ownership of the Tasks folder and then use autoruns to untick the tasks that weren't disabled by the batch (devices, edp etc), finish up with 1 or 2 task left enabled (ctf as it's required for typing in modern apps, wifi flyout, edge, search ui)

2. disable services (standard ones in services manager)

3. disabled driver services (the ones in registry)

4. disable services / driver services that are locked due to security permissions (defender, appx and more)

devices flow and NcbService are required for windows bluetooth to function

5. registry files to disable the following;

navigation pane, gamebar, swapfile, various windows logging / tracing, uac, prefetching, superfetch, compression, ntfs encryption, smb, tcpip6, various network protocols 

i also disable the split svchost system as i prefer to keep a close eye on what is running in task manager, can't remember the last time a service crashed either....doesn't bother me that they all run in groups.

6. remove permissions from searchui (cortana) and a few other things that load at logon (mobsync) can always add back permissions so no harm done

screenshot from my main pc, not vmware guest.


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Hi RanCorX2,

Interesting reading about your batch files. Something similar was done by Bold Fortune for WinXP. Enabling you to disable, remove services etc, with batch files and also revert changes with batch files. Would you be willing to share your batch files or how you write them?





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