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  1. This looks interesting. Being a bit nostalgic I wish I could still run Win98SE, with IE removed, courtesy of https://www.litepc.com/98lite.html, MDGx (from this forum) and a guy from the UK who had method he called Speedos. I had an incredibly fast O/S, with few or no BSD's, and it would run for hours before needing a reboot. Even though I started with a fairly high spec computer for the time, after the 98SE mods there was an significant speed and response increase.
  2. Thanks BudwS and cc333 for correcting me regards Apple. Probably will end up with a Mac when Windows no longer viable. Unless they make the iPhone-esque system feature locked. That happens, they'll treading in Microsoft footsteps. :-)
  3. Just done a fresh install of Win 10, at their request, on a relatives laptop. And found the install options to turn off the spyware etc reduced to two questions, and they were basically only locatation based. That's it, sticking with Windows 8.1, and running various Linux distros in a virtual machine. After that when Win software I use won't run anymore, then maybe a Mac. Not that I like the notion everything must be Apple to run on it!!! Waywyrd.
  4. Hi RanCorX2, Interesting reading about your batch files. Something similar was done by Bold Fortune for WinXP. Enabling you to disable, remove services etc, with batch files and also revert changes with batch files. Would you be willing to share your batch files or how you write them? Regards, Waywyrd.
  5. Only really useful if one can still get the software. Would it be allowable under the forum rules to post the software (assuming the licence allows it of course)? I totally agree with the above comments. This thread ought to be stickified... even if only the Freeware software is allowed. When I've got the time I'll see if there's anything I can add in the way of software links that are allowable.
  6. Hi, First of all thanks to Fred Vorck. I don't know whether he visits these forums or not but thanks to him and others who contributed to this project at: Remove Internet explorer at install . I am now happily running Win2000 with no IE installed. Has anybody else tried or currently using this way of installing Win2000? Inevitably I'm going to have to scrap "Windows" altogether and "get my head around Linux". I say have to because while I'm not a computer "geek" I still like to some sort of choice as to how I run my pc, without this "one size fits all approach" that Microsoft seem to be forcing on the end consumer. Oh by the way I still run Win98SE, which has been "98Lited" with a few other modifications and the stability is incredible. Plus I rarely if ever have problems with viruses or other malware. Though I'm not a "geek", I've never been 100% happy with a web browser so heavily tied into an o/s as Windows. Regards, Waywyrd
  7. Hi All, With regards to Win98 security I came across this link: http://www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/2072/whyxpbad.htm On MDGx's site among the links for WinXP. Does anybody else have any thoughts on this. Personally I found two areas of interest "Windows XP is not real" and "Services-based architecture". I'm currently running a dual-boot 98 & XP, but this page has made me seriously consider dropping XP altogther and "migrating to Linux" when Win98 is no longer viable. Or am I having a "knee-jerk" reaction? Regards, waywyrd
  8. Hi, Could we add 'maximus-decim' service packs for Win98 and IE6.0? He seems to have put in a fair amount of work. I've used both his update packs with good results. Waywyrd
  9. Hi, This is beginning to seriously look like George Orwell's "1984". I've only read two of the threads (one wanted Quick Time) and it's a very scary thought! Agreed and seconded. waywyrd
  10. Hi, To Tilstad, being the original poster of this thread, I've got to say I found your comments very interesting and informative. When I originally posted the thread, one of my thoughts was that it wouldn't be too long before WinXP was 'obselete' in Microsoft terms, and there was no way (if I could avoid it) I was going to 'migrate' to Vista. I'm currently dual-booting Win98 and WinXP. Mainly because some programs do work better under XP and I also wanted a little bit of knowledge as to how XP 'runs'. With regard to a mass migration movement, maybe this Win98 forum would be a good platform to start from. Personally, I've already started to tell the people I know that I'm not 'migrating' to Vista, and perhaps more importantly why I'm not. The issue of having to inform Microsoft and hold your hand up every time your PC wants 'a tea-break'! Waywyrd
  11. Hi, I find myself pretty much in the same position. I'm not above tinkering with the O/S etc, to customise to the way I'd like it to be. But, I feel 'stuck with' MS until someone can create a minimal, fully functional O/S, where you can add the programs you want and still have the compatability with the file formats that Windows users take for granted. Waywyrd
  12. Hi, Thanks DeadDude, for your kind comments. I'm glad that other members are realising that the aim/point of my original post was to ask if anybody had found or was using a viable alternative to Win98. Perhaps I should have made it plainer from the start, that I wasn't neccessarily thinking of other Microsoft O/S. Neither was I looking for 'the best' O/S, if there is such a thing? There's been enough posts about which is the best O/S, usually ending up in a 'slanging match' as to why such-and-such O/S was rubbish etc. The aim of this post was/is to see if there was a viable alternative to Win98, other than just upgrading to Vista. While, with regard to Linux, the choice is good, what isn't so good is 'going through hoops' to get it to handle all the various hardware and file formats, that Win98 handles almost 'out-of-the-box'! Waywyrd
  13. Hi, Thanks very much to 'wild weasel' and 'BenoitRen'. You guys have "hit-the-nail-on-the-head". This was the sort of answer I was looking for when I posted my original question. The 'reactos' system sounds like a very good idea. Particularly for those of us who would to use a pc O/S without having to go through hoops finding the right hardware drivers and software to run it. I was lucky when I tried Ubuntu, it found all my hardware and installed the relevant drivers. Even so I still had problems in other areas with different file types and applications. Regards, Waywyrd
  14. Hi, Just a personal recomendation with regard to backing up, I personally use DOS versions of Ghost or DriveImage. Others may disagree, but from the research I've done on the web and from various newsletters I've read by people who know wayyyyy more than me, the DOS versions of Ghost/DriveImage are virtually 'bulletproof' when it comes to making and restoring a corrupted O/S. This is the approach I've been using for the past 4-5 years. Being able to restore the O/S with all your settings, programs etc., within 10-20 minutes is almost miraculous, compared to 1+ hours re-installing just Windows! Waywyrd
  15. Hi leoliver, I was able to recue a non-booting laptop with Bart PE's rescue disk. By 'rescue' I mean I was able to re-boot the laptop, get into a WinXP style enviroment and run the Windows disk checking/repair utility. This restored the laptop to its normal bootable condition. Though the checkdisk utility did keep repairing errors on every run, the laptop (as far as I know) is still functioning. As far as I can remember when you boot a PC with Bart PE you are in a user friendly WinXP enviroment, where you can run WinXP and other disk utilities and browse through files and folders, as if you where in a true O/S enviroment. Hope this helps, Waywyrd.
  16. Hi, To EternaL... this might be "overkill", but what I've done is to create a dual boot with Win98/WinXP. On the Win98 partition I have a folder for the DOS version of Ghost, with mouse support. I have the boot menu to load either 98 or XP, and then the boot menu for 98, which allows you to work from the command prompt etc. So far, if I've made a back up copy of the essential boot files for XP (boot.ini - bootsect.dos - ntdetect.com - ntldr) just in case, I've been able to re-ghost either 98 or XP independently of each other with near 100% success. I've gone for the dual boot with 98 because, it still has native MSDOS support and a GUI interface for more "advanced" rescue utilities. Hope this helps, Waywyrd
  17. Hi PsycoUnc, I don't know if this will shed any "light" on your problem but, I have a similar problem with a dual boot system, Win98/WinXP. Using Nero 6, last full version, I can (99/100) burn whatever type of file I want to CD/DVD successfully. How ever when I try the same with XP, I have a 50/50 chance of creating a ... CD/DVD coaster! Another family member also using Nero 6/7 has had similar problems. In fact one DVD he burned wouldn't read on either his PC or mine. XP basically crashed. When I tried the same DVD under Win98 on my PC, the only problem I had was finding the right program to run the file. (It was an MPG, which media player didn't have the right codec for.) I have no uneccessary services running on either O/S system and I don't do anything with my PC, except to monitor what Nero is actually doing. This is all on the same PC using two different O/S. Funnily enough I'm not a huge XP fan either and only use XP for stability/compatability. Whenever I want to burn a CD?DVD I trust Win98 before XP. Waywyrd
  18. Hi, My apologies if this post is 'off target' or considered as repetition. But, with all due respect I wasn't looking for reasons to continue to run Win98 now. My question was intended as to what the options would be now or in the next couple of years. When there's a likelihood of buying a new PC, even a low spec one, where the manafacturer doesn't provide Win98 drivers. Or am I wrong, will you still be able to buy a 'blank' PC (with no O/S) with Win98 drivers? Regards, Waywyrd
  19. Hi, To quote Tamiga: Has anybody got any valid ideas to an alternative to Win98, ready for when it's no longer practical to run this O/S anymore? I've personally had a brief 'play' with Ubuntu. While I was very impressed with the speed with which it installed and updated it's self (without frequent reboots), I couldn't get my Canon printer to work and had several problems with various media file formats. I would basically like an O/S that is straight forward to install and use and has good hardware driver support, plus media files support. For the reasons Tamiga gave above, plus all the 'bloat', I've no desire or intention to use Vista and I don't have the funds for a MAC! I have no desire or intention to start a 'flame' war as to the best alternative to Win98, I'm hoping for constructive discussion to alternatives that work as well, as far as possible, as Win98 did. If that's possible? Waywrd
  20. Hi, To all you guys who posted supporting Win98... I couldn't agree more. I'm dual-booting Win98 and WinXP and for different reasons I like both O/S!!! And will continue to use Win98 for as long as I can. There are still several things I can use Win98 for... far more successfully than XP. However... from what I've read and seen about Vista, WinXP will be the last Microsoft O/S I use by choice. My main reason being... I for one am sick of this 'race' to build ever bigger and faster computers, with an O/S that gets more and more bloated... in the name of progress??? My slipsteamed WinXP O/S is now to big to fit on one CDROM! For progress in an O/S, how about a choice (for those of us who want it), the choice to decide what parts of the O/S you would like to install. I doubt there's many, if any, other companies who more or less give you a 'take it or leave it option'. Waywyrd
  21. Hi, With regard to any version of Internet Explorer, I think (from what I've come across on the net and personal experience with 98SE) that the fact that IE is so heavily tied into all versions of Windows, in itself creates major vulnerabilities and "holes" that malacious programs can use and exploit. I ran Win98SE for years with IE as a stand alone browser (thanks to IEIradicator - then 98lite) with fewer problems than the default Win98SE. No known viruses or attacks! Never updated Windows itself, except for internet connection bug fixes i.e. dun 1.4 and vctp .386. Proving that it's not essential to have any browser tied into a computer o/s. Is whatever ease of use??? the average computer user gains from being able to browse the web or their harddrive from one application... worth the constant stream of critical updates and bug fixes? With regard to other browsers in general, they have (for me) one major advantage over any version of IE... they're more pro-active and generally quicker at fixing and up-dating their browsers. Waywyrd.
  22. Hi, I found if I reinstalled the WinME version of my sound card drivers... everything works. Basically I suppose when making modifications using "98SE2ME" if something 'breaks' and you've got your original driver disc (which I do) then try Me drivers or vice versa. Waywyrd
  23. Hi, With regard to a post "I can install the drivers under a "98Lited" Win98SE for AC'97 Motherboard sound cards, but when I install the "ME replacements" I get the error icon showing in device manager for the sound driver. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers makes no difference." I have found if I remove the original drivers before installing 98SE2ME, on PC reboot Windows attempts to re-install the drivers and when I point Windows to the Me divers... success! Also the 8-22-2006 edition of 98SE2ME will now allow the Power Management Options in Windows to work on my PC configuration. Many, many thanks to Gape and yourself for all your hard work and effort in to keeping Win98 Alive and Kicking. I nearly went to Win2000 in favour of XP (I hate that activation crap, on principle, let alone all the headaches it can cause) until I saw... the long, long list of critical updates! Keep up the Brilliant work. Waywyrd
  24. Hi, With regard to the first question, I 'got lost' trying to make sure I was posting in the right area. As for your reply, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was wondering if it was a driver problem/conflict, but wasn't sure if there was a workround.

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