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Ransomware Question

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41 minutes ago, dencorso said:

... clay prisms (which still exceed by far every other media in what regards data retention and robustness to failure) ...

Just for the record: capacity: 40 kB (viz. ca. 20,000 UNICODE characters); write once / read many times; proven to remain readable after 2700 years, insensitive to both fire and water (they are made of ceramic, after all); weight: ca. 110 lbs (not exactly portable, in truth).

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17 minutes ago, dencorso said:

weight: ca. 110 lbs (not exactly portable, in truth).

Well, they had lots of slaves at the time, either a non-issue or one that the ancient ones solved quickly and almost effortlessly ...

More seriously our archaeologists can read that data after 2700 years (maybe not understand it but at least read it), archaeologists 200 (not 2000) years in the future won't likely be capable of read our data, if you think that it is extremely difficult to boot a machine manufactured 35-40 years ago or so:

Compare how you can inspect the Diablo drive functioning against - say - a current Helium filled shingle recording hard disk (let alone SSD's).



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