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Want try run HDA on 9x, need any possible help...


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  • 4 months later...

Watler from Watlers World made a Win3x HDA driver. It took some time to make it work with my chipset in my Windows 3.1 installation. Lately I started experiments using this driver in Windows 98SE. Watler gave me room to share on his forum, so I give you the link only.


Posts #1-#135 are about using the driver in Windows 3.1, from post #136 onwards Win9x too.

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What can I say ... Noises above the background level are detected. As in 9x, and in 3x.
This is a great progress, before even this was not.


1) my HDA is Realtek ALC892,
2) and its not PCI/XXXX, but HDAUDBUS/XXXX device.
PCI/XXXX usually is AC97 devices.
so this driver can not installed normally, only manually forced. and need repeat this on every boot...

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PCI/XXXX is the HD Audio Bus/physical device. This is the only thing that 9x sees.

HDAUDBUS/XXXX is the ID/virtual device generated by the HD Audio Bus, when the HD Audio Bus drivers is installed. (available from Win2000 onwards)

Do not confuse HD Audio Bus driver with the HD Audio driver.

I do not have the knowledge to know if the HDAUDBUS/XXXX is actually necessary for proper function of HD Audio, but it seems it is not required judging by the watler's driver.

It's installed in the same way as the Win3.1 PC Speaker driver, which people was using back in the day in their 9x systems. The INF created by @deomsh does nothing more than copying the files and making the line in the system.ini file.

@MERCURY127 did you load up the HDATSR.EXE file before installing/using the driver? Did DOS boxes work for you? (seems similar to the VBEMP bug) Do you use HIMEMX.EXE?


I will test the driver myself soon.



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40 minutes ago, MrMateczko said:

did you load up the HDATSR.EXE file before installing/using the driver?

no. my machine have more than 512 MB :) but i try, and found no diffs with tsr...

42 minutes ago, MrMateczko said:

Did DOS boxes work for you?

yes, i try open 3 boxes, no problem.

44 minutes ago, MrMateczko said:

seems similar to the VBEMP bug

if u say about garbage on screen - it can be easy solved by forcing dos boxes starting as full screen.

47 minutes ago, MrMateczko said:

Do you use HIMEMX.EXE

if need, i use LIMEM - my onw patch for XMGR, which can provide and limit XMS to any value in range 1 MB - 4 GB.

but for 9x i have some patches from Maestro....

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after setting PCM=$00000001 i hear something like logon music... :D exactly as with mpxplay - noise, clipped, but hearing...

but now i cant see desktop - after normal booting up to desktop bg i get bsod with 5a5a5a5a number, and get moveable mouse curson on black screen and no more.

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Problem is that Widgets in the codec have default values. HDA2.DLL does not change these values (except a few). That can be done with the textfile HDAICOUT.HDA. If this file exists HDA2.DLL sent the Verbs in the file to the addressed Widgets and change values at start-up.

Try this one. Worked for me in case of three different codecs (digital playback only). Copy the file to your Windows-directory and reboot.

BTW in case of stability problems set  MinFileCache=8192 & MaxFileCache=8192

BTW: see for latest version of HDAICOUT.HDA see:




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