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Found 5 results

  1. ACPIOFF is a win.com patch (currently only for Windows 98SE), and a small 16-bit WinOff16 utility that both allow you to shutdown Windows and invoke the utility from FreeDOS, FDAPM.COM, with the POWEROFF command, which tries to shutdown the machine through the interfaces APM and ACPI. PASSWORD: 1. JUST 1. Look English doc at end TXT file ACPIOFF4.zip
  2. Hello! I many times try run my usb wifi dongle in 9x, and now, after four years owning this device, i can say - it work! u can look on my screenshots: in this post i want say, how u can do it for our devices... post will periodically updating. ===== what need having for experiments: WDMEX from rloew. i am sorrry, but w/o this u need yourself implement one stupid function - NdisInitializeString. W/o this function driver RT2870.SYS (and many other drivers for 2k/xp) is just not starting - we see error code 2 or 10 in DM. So i assume, that u have implementation of NdisInitializeString. if so, can continue. one NdisInitializeString is not enuogh. driver req some other imports, which i can close old good WDMSTUB. after this, i check in debugger, that driver loaded w/o errors, and try using it with help Odyssey, but w/o good results. adapter was present in DM, but not present in Network Properties. then i try ME, and immediately get results! i connect to my router and can out in Internet. but on 98 it not work. Sweetlow say me, that support NDIS5 in 9x is poor, and recommend use NDIS3. i try, and all success. here i attach my work inf file for Ralink driver version date 27.Dec.2010. this driver work with Odyssey 4.52 and WPA2 AES. Most new version from official site can not connect... this inf req UR work. U MUST manually add into VID/PID for our device! DWA140.INF
  3. Yes. It is all. The End. The Great End. No graphics. Just text message on black screen of death. Even with standard VGA driver. Even in safe mode. Have any ideas?
  4. Hello to all! My name is Andrey. It's my first post here. I am sorry, my English is poor, but I hope that you can understand me. My native language is Russian, if here is someone, who can r/w in Russian - weIcome. I have relatively modern main pc - i7 3770, asrock z68 pro3-m, 8 gb ddr3, ssd, hdd, dvd... Main OS is w7 x64, but i also use xp, linux, and 98 all in multiboot on one hdd. here i have no problems anyway. My 98 is heavy patched: vbemp, vcache, some other good known here patches. also i do own patch for biosinfo.inf for disabling acpi - my mobo have buggy bios, and without patch i just get black screen. Also here exist biggest bug with USB mouse - she absolutely unusable with 9x... But in general, system is stable and relatively workable. i can even run daum pot player and see mp4 hd with software only decoding, sure. i do it just for fun. Me it interesting, understand? And i have one problem... Here is no sound! I try use my old cs4281 pci card - and get poor sounds on this machine. most sounds disappeared total. On my second machine - pentium 3 - it card work better, but anyway poor. Also for p3 i have good sounds with cs4235 and ess1869. And now i want try run HDA in 9x... Not need talk me, that it's impossible - i know it but want try. I check realtek's sys with wdmcheck - there no unimplemented imports. But it driver must be install on child device from hda bus... I grab w2k version KB888111, convert it's inf from unicode to ordinal Chicago format, and get ms uaa bus placeholder in device manager. but without child subdevices - hdaudbus.sys will not runned... I try add to inf pair strings a la Hkr,,devloader,,*ntkern Hkr,driver,,"wdmstub,hdaudbus.sys" And get error code 2. Then i try configmg instead ntkern, and get no errors and no good result... I poor know inf script possibilities, and me need someone, who have good knowledge here, and can give me some hints and tips... Hope for understanding and your interest
  5. I am interested in running some older OSes. Particularly, Windows 98/ME. Would these specs work out? And if they don't what could I run? It's a Dell Optiplex 780: Core 2 Duo 2.93GHz 8GB RAM Dell 03NVJ6 Motherboard Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset A 250GB SATA HDD (with legacy options) SoundMAX Integrated HD Audio (if this is for the integrated speaker and the headphone jack will still work, I don't need it) And a Belkin USB Wireless Adapter (fine if i can't use it)

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