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Fixing a Win 95 PC

TechKitten 360+

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Windows 98SE would have no problem running on it. It might be slightly slower than say on a Pentium II, but it's more than equipped to handle it. Just make sure the hard drive is at least 2GBs in size so you'll have optimal room for anything else you'd like to go on the PC. It wouldn't even hurt to try and upgrade the CPU just a tad if the board will support it and it's not too expensive. Even if you could get a 166MHz or I think they made one as fast as 200 or 233, I'm not sure though. But you don't want to spent a lot on such a slight upgrade and you'd also want to make sure the old games don't actually require a slower CPU which those kinds do exist. But if you're anything like me, you want to upgrade the snot out of it just to get it to the most optimum performance possible and for the challenge of it. :)

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On 09/07/2016 at 10:25 AM, TechKitten 360+ said:

My step-cousins needed a PC to play some old games on, so I am fixing a Windows 95 era PC with a Pentium 1 133 MHZ.

What OS should I put on it? It can run Win98 SE, it has 64 MB of RAM. 

put a good graphics card in it and it should be fine. 

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