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  1. Believe it or not, MSE can still be downloaded and installed on Vista. I've attached screenshots. Oddly enough, I haven't gotten a nag screen, even after definition updates. Screenshot notes: Microsoft's website still lists Vista for the download, not just 7. The installer did, indeed work. Just to verify that it is Vista, I've inserted a screenshot of my system specs. And, lastly, the application running on Vista after a reboot. Not to mention, I tried this out with an older installer on an XP machine the other day and it still could fetch the newest definitions.
  2. And... I'm back!

    1. burd


      Welcome Back ! :)

  3. Whenever I try to uninstall the update I get this message: (see attached image.)
  4. Is anybody else experiencing this on Windows 8.0? Actually, how do I disable this? That's the critical part.
  5. Wow, I've been gone for almost a year!

  6. 8 is faster than 8.1 on most hardware, especially on low-end hardware. Also, the UI is better for usage as a main PC.
  7. Just updating to macOS Sierra on my mac! :)

  8. Just try manually patching the Media Centre files, that should fix it.
  9. UPDATE: I've left Vista on it, and dual booted with Linux Mint 18.
  10. If you still know where to get all the updates in a downloader- then please send me the link, as lately my windows update on XP has not worked, and that is on SP3 from Microsoft.
  11. Thanks, Microsoft. You screwed over many Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 PCs since late 2015- those of us that fought back during 2016, when GWX killed many PCs, those of us that survived it had some skills, goodbye and good riddance, GWX.

  12. I am working on a '07 era custom build that is designed for vista, it essentially has the same specs as the original Mac Pro, and I am thinking of upgrading it, and I would like to know what the best OS for it is, preferably windows or linux, but I would be willing to hackintosh it if it would expand it's usability until sometime in the early 2020's (around 2021-2023). Any suggestions would be helpful. The current OS is listed below: Windows Vista Ultimate x86 Service Pack 2 Internet Explorer 9, as a part of the updating.
  13. My step-cousins needed a PC to play some old games on, so I am fixing a Windows 95 era PC with a Pentium 1 133 MHZ. What OS should I put on it? It can run Win98 SE, it has 64 MB of RAM.
  14. I am upgrading my Dell Latitude D800 from Windows 2000 pro to Windows 7 Ultimate. Any suggestions? It will be on the internet, and might replace my Late-2011 MacBook pro.
  15. I finally got Windows 10 to work, yay!!

  16. windows 7 sucks

    1. Tommy


      Can't argue with you there. While it's better than 8 and 10...I don't really think it's as great as most people say it is.

    2. xpclient


      +1. XP was the best.

    3. AnX


      Windows 7 = vista with a few fixes and a new name

  17. My old desktop runs 98 SE but should I upgrade to ME? ME is more stable on it than 98 SE is.
  18. I use windows XP pro SP2 on my PC, my mac and my netbook, so I want all of you to tell me is it obsolete with SP2 and should I get SP3.

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