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Video Capture Card That Works With Win98


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Hi All,


New to the forum and looking for some help/advice on a project I am working on.


The scope of the project is to turn an old failing Win98 computer into something new that will live on.  


I am using VMware to accomplish the task of running Win98 on new hardware.


---This part of the project is flawless in operation as I am able to communicate with the equipment as needed.  


I am using a new HP EliteDesk computer with a Core i7, 8 gigs of ram and Win7 OS.  It's the SFF for space requirement reasons.


Now on to the issue I am running into.  The equipment this computer communicates with has a camera and it needs to talk to the software in the computer in order to do its job.  So I am looking for a Video Capture card to make this happen.  


---Two Problems stopping this from working:


1) The cards that are compatible with Windows 98 have the wrong slot.


2) The cards that fit the available slots only go back as far as maybe Windows XP.  



I have done research and I'm just going around in circles.  I have a cheep USB Capture Device and obviously it works with Win7 but no support for Win98. (bought for another project) 


Never did I think it would just work with this setup, I was hoping the USB capture device drivers could be adapted to work with Win98??!! 


At this point I am looking for some input from someone with more knowledge of Win98 and how things work and or could work.


Also on the search for either a USB,  X1pciEXP or a X16pciEXP slot capture device compatible with Win98.  




Thanks for any help you can provide, it's appreciated!  





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If it's any help, some ATI graphics cards have a "VIVO" (video in, video out) hardware system built into them which will capture from a composite video or s-video input with the appropriate software. I have a Radeon X600 series card which I use with Windows 98SE, which was the first series to have PCI-E versions available.

The Radeon X700 series and Radeon X800 series have the same facility, but it isn't physically there on all models so you would need to check carefully when buying one that it is a VIVO card.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Cheers, Dave.


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Thank you for the reply!  Sorry for the delay in response, I have been really busy.  I will look at these cards and see if they will work!  I will also be searching for VIVO now!  


I have an old Hauppauge video input card but it will not work with Win7 and because of that it doesn't see it in 98.  Is there anything you can do to make it work with windows 7 or with 98 in VMware? 


Thanks again!!



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The Video Capture device is a EasyCap DC60 - USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter.  I bought it off of amazon quite a while ago.  This was just a trial device since I didn't think it would work with windows 98.  




I will pull this USB device apart and see what is inside!  It would be great if it was compatible or if I could find a brand that was!

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