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Are Update Lists Up-To-Date?


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I successfully used Windows Updates Downloader to download the applicable ULs for 32-bit Windows 7 and installed them with no issues. However, I notice that the latest update appearing in both the Security Updates and the Non-Security Updates are dated March 2015. I downloaded them twice to make sure. Surely there have been updates released by Microsoft since March. Am I missing something? thanks,



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Also, did you not read Post #2? There's a link to a post with another link to "elsewhere" for Updated ULZ files.


TBH, I haven't tried Glen's script, so...


As for the previous post #4...WHY since it, too, is manually maintained (apparently)? :crazy:


Honestly, the link *I gave* is where the *original* ULZ Topic came from (not updated). It's pointless to beat this topic to death asking the same question already posed. :huh:

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Yes abbodi1406 maintains 7, 8.1, 10 lists which contain the latest windows updates. However he does not appear to post links to them. They are not in wud format but are encrypted and are only downloaded and decrypted via whd.

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