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Okay, let's discuss how to get rid of these processes...

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On ‎11‎/‎15‎/‎2015 at 1:33 PM, NoelC said:

Yes, here we are again with build 10586, which restored bunches of unwanted stuff, reset many preferences (especially in the realm of privacy), and re-enabled many Task Scheduler entries.  O&O Shut Up 10 shows massive reversions.

I'm looking at the following running processes in build 10586 at the moment, wondering once again how to send them to oblivion...






svchost.exe running the UnistackSvcGroup



Glad I posted this thread before; my notes are a bit weak on this subject.


ShellExperienceHost.exe is linked to start bar and the built in browsers functionality. You can "terminate always" with process lasso and find out the hard way if this isnt already old news.

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Group Policy Client.... "...if the service is disabled...." implying its an option in the servics menu. You guys really need to stop teasing me wit your scripts that never seem to work in powershell ran as admin and pasted.

I have zero desire to connect to other filesystems in such a way. How do your forcibily get rid of it? - and is it tied to anything relevant?

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@ NoelC and others,

Maybe this free program can help you strip Windows down even more, or get in touch with the Dev. to share ideals and technics. Works on Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 (Home/Pro/Ent). Maybe your interested - maybe your not, as I searched the forum - it wasn't listed or talked of. Now you know of it. I've played with it some. I lost my pictures thumbnails and wrote to the Dev. about it this was his answer: Blackbird disables folder cache rebuilding. While this speeds up Explorer considerably it may also cause picture thumbnails to no longer show up.
You can run Blackbird in Recovery mode (blackbird -r) then you can run Blackbird without applying speed tweaks (blackbird -nospeed).
This will keep your privacy secure while also allowing you to see thumbnails normally.

I found this (your) thread most interesting, why, to me I don't understand MS not keeping a desktop version instead of all the C_aP with the direction it has taken, I applaud your efforts and research here...

""So we took Windows apart, piece by piece, analyzed web traffic, system calls, file changes, etc., compared different configurations, designed and built a stand-alone tool and spent hundreds of hours on beta testing so anyone can use it and it gets the job done right. ""

 Blackbird is just a fancy script packed inside an exe. OR

You can also run Blackbird from CMD with the following command-line switches available:
NOTE: You can run up to 9 different switches at once, excluding -R, -STD & -SCAN which can only be executed one at a time.

blackbird -v = Verbose Mode. Displays additional information on all changes as they're being made.
blackbird -s = Silent Mode. No additional user interaction required, good for scripts
blackbird -r = Recovery Mode. Restores all values changed by Blackbird to default Microsoft values.
blackbird -std = Run Blackbird SpyTask Destroyer (see below).
blackbird -scan = A full privacy scan of your system.
blackbird -kc = Kill Cortana completely (prevent searchUI.exe from loading) / can be unkilled using Blackbird Recovery mode.
blackbird -ke = Kill Edge browser.
blackbird -kf = Kill Feedback/ContactSupport.
blackbird -noupdate = Skip blacklisted Windows update removal.
blackbird -nohost = Skip host blocking.
blackbird -nospeed = Skip system optimizations.
blackbird -f = Show frequently used programs in Start menu.
blackbird -o = Enable OneDrive.
blackbird -x = Enable Xbox Live services.
blackbird -t = Enable Sensors / Auto-screen rotation on tablets.
blackbird -b = Disable Runtime Broker (will cause most UWP/Metro apps to not work).
blackbird -d = Disable Windows Defender.
blackbird -h = Disable Hibernation (deletes hiberfil.sys file from root).
blackbird -u = Disable automatic installation of updates / Sets to manual download and install only.
blackbird -m = Disable automatic installation of Malicious Removal Tool updates.
blackbird -n = Remove Blackbird network blocks.
blackbird -? = Displays help information.

"SpyTask Destroyer" can be used to force removal of specific Windows scheduled tasks that for some reason cannot be disabled by running Blackbird normally.
Should STD find any such tasks it will first attempt to end and disable it. Only should it fail to do so will STD force removal of the task.
A signature engine is used so STD only removes pre-configured tasks that can be safely disabled and are known data-collectors.
Any tasks explicitly deleted by SpyTask Destroyer CANNOT BE RESTORED without Windows reinstallation/recovery/factory defaults.

What Blackbird Does-

- Disables OneDrive
- Disables Cortana
- Disables Bing-integration
- Disables Wi-Fi Sense
- Disables system-wide Windows/Office Telemetry on any Windows version
- Disables all Diagnostic-tracking / CEIP / Telemetry / Compatibility services, tasks and agents
- Disables web content evaluation / URL check-in ("SmartScreen")
- Disables Windows Media Online DRM
- Disables Windows P2P Update sharing
- Disables all AutoLoggers
- Disables Start menu ads
- Disables Windows Error Reporting
- Disables Xbox Live services
- Prevents cross-device synchronization
- Prevents all location/contacts/handwritting/password sharing
- Prevents device meta-data collection
- Patches various data-leaks (IE/EDGE/Defender/Explorer/MRT)
- Removes Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)
- Removes your unique Ad-ID tracking token and disables further Windows advertising profiling
- Removes GWX and all Windows 10 Upgrade triggers, icons, messages and other nagging
- Removes Windows 10 Upgrade setup files on Windows 7/8
- Removes a bunch of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 telemetry updates
- Blocks 150+ different tracking/telemetry/ad servers (supports IPv6/IPv4, Wifi/Eth, custom lists)
- Bonus blocks (some) Youtube, Skype, Facebook ads


Hope this really helps some of you,



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20 hours ago, Gass said:


@ NoelC and others,


Decided to give it a test since I applied Noel script

blackbird -scan

--Blackbird does not currently support Redstone builds.
  To prevent any damage to your PC Blackbird will now exit.

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3 hours ago, maxXPsoft said:

Decided to give it a test since I applied Noel script

blackbird -scan

--Blackbird does not currently support Redstone builds.
  To prevent any damage to your PC Blackbird will now exit.

Hi maxXPsoft, :hello:

I believe Redstone is going to be handeled in the next Blackbird update.

Blackbird's site says

"Blackbird is regularly updated with new features and whenever critical Windows updates get released."

Also I've seen in another forum where Blackbirds Dev. has commented to these issues about Redstone-

""Unfortunately Cortana's been integrated deeper in the OS with Redstone. It's one of the things we wish to solve before releasing the new version.
Defender's a bi_c_ to remove too but it can be completely disabled from collecting and sending info back to MS quite easily.

With Redstone they made a lot of changes, registry, services and system apps-wise, with even less documentation than before.""

MaxXPsoft - I understand Blackbird to be working on an Alpha build and looking for testers/brave souls.

All I can say is watch Blackbird's site for an update (v0.9.95- Latest) Jul26,2016 or contact the Dev. via the info@ email supplied in the README-txt of the download.

Redstone I've herd has been mis-behaving with a lot of Win 10 users, till all these issues are maybe addressed by MS -who knows. I'm sure Blackbird wants to release an update that's safe and reliable for their users- I'd ask you and others to just allow them this time to get one out.



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Assuming the script is readable, Blackbird could be another good source for learning some important nitty gritty details of tweaking.  Thanks for bringing it up, Gass.

Unfortunately I am unable to spend time right now to improving my knowledge of Win 10 Anniversary Update.  To be brutally honest, I've almost entirely lost the desire to fool with it, since I'm now solid in my conviction not to move to Win 10 until Microsoft delivers up significant new value for me in the product.

While a lot of folks may need the "As A Service" aspect, where Microsoft is responsible for delivering its preferred configuration, as a career software engineer running my business from a Win 8.1 workstation, WaaS is simply not at all what I need.  Not even a little bit.

I find it incredible that Windows could be so much better an OS than what they configure (as with all prior versions of Windows) EXCEPT that now they've imposed so much dumbing-down that it actually intrudes on the level of functionality that can be achieved with even the best tweaking skills.  That's just stupid and arrogant of Microsoft!

Worst of all now they've changed their policy so that now they intrude so often that no one could possibly have time to develop a well-tweaked Windows 10.  I had a build 10586 system running pretty nicely.  But no, along comes the "Anniversary Update" that does what, exactly?  But now we see messages like, "Blackbird does not currently support Redstone builds.  To prevent any damage to your PC Blackbird will now exit."

In short, if a well-tweaked and augmented Win 8.1 system is demonstrably more functional than the best anyone can accomplish with Win 10 in a few months of tweaking and augmenting, why bother?

Thinking critically, the only reasons that come to mind are:

  • New value (absolutely not there yet; I have found ZERO new features I need, and some I do use have been removed).
  • New hardware support (I don't need any new hardware for a while yet).
  • Needed application software that won't work on the older system (haven't seen anything like that in the App Store).
  • Bug fixes (which could be important if I were actually running into any bugs with Win 8.1).
  • Insatiable curiosity about all things technical.  But this doesn't seem to trump all of the above.  In the reign of Win 10 I went from Insider on the Fast Ring trying to contribute to the future of Windows, to Insider on the Slow Ring, to normal user, to one who would, if I were trying to rely on Windows 10 for anything other than testing on a VM, configure my systems to invoke the Current Branch for Business settings.  And I'm someone who made it through all of Win 8's regressions and am actually using Win 8.1.


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By the way, with what little time I've had to look over Win 10 Anniversary/Redstone so far, there is one privacy-oriented thing I noticed that needs attention:

Application Frame Host tries to contact msdl.microsoft.com. 

I've seen it happen several minutes after bootup.  Whether it happens later I can't say.

And I don't know why or whether it can be deconfigured so as to stop trying.  In my case, my firewall killed the attempt, but most folks don't manage a deny-by-default firewall setup like I do.

Just as a guess, I suspect it may be an attempt to set up to retrieve advertising data.  But that's no more than a SWAG.


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Greetings Noel :thumbup,

WOW - I couldn't even begin to convey such meaning and pain as you have towards the monopoly MS. MS wasn't satisfied there (having this monopoly) though, and since it's a widely accepted OS all over the world. I feel it's moving towards being preeminent ruler of our digital lives with it's OS's. Win 10 Anniversary Update is just another piece of this woven web the spider MS has laid to feed upon us. Our money is not good enough anymore to MS as it wants the last bit of knowledge of, in and about our lives. 

I'm not highly educated and manage to understand something's computer wise, especially given a guide or TUT to follow. I took the Win 10 update from Win 8.1 in the first week it was offered, and it lasted about three hours with me, before I went back to Win 8.1 as it's tweakable to get close to the desktop I want. I share a lot of your views of Win 8.1 if not all of them, as well as that of MS. How does one find out about the "Noel script" ? I've read all through from the first of this thread and can't say I've seen any information of it offered. Though I may have missed it.

I really like it, that of you sharing your findings and documenting all things here you've discovered. That I'm not alone in feeling MS has crossed the line more than once and will continue to do so. When it stops support for Win 8.1 I'll just leave MS flat moving on to learn another OS then.

To answer you with what I find of "if Blackbirds script is readable" it doesn't call out the script but the exe.

In fact here is the whole "license" that included with the download in the README-txt.


Blackbird BGB 1.0 Free Software License (c) 2016
Be a Good Bird

Blackbird is Freeware. It's free to use for everyone, always, in all environments.
Under no circumstances can our software be monetized for commercial or any other purposes.
If you want to use our software in your project let us know at info@getblackbird.net

Blackbird comes with NO WARRANTY whatsoever. We are not responsible for any damages.
You can edit, break, and modify the exe for your own personal and academic use.
You can redistribute and mirror our software in it's entirety with all documentation and executables intact.
You cannot sell, modify and/or repackage our software and redistribute it.

In short, don't be an a_sh_le and you're good.

I know Blackbird is working towards an Update to Win 10 latest release. They have answered me twice and once said they would answer me in a detailed manner once their home from work. So they do hold jobs too. If you were to contact them and ask about the script I'm sure you would get an answer. Heck you guys may hit it off - doing along the same lines as you do and know...

This is the email they use - info@getblackbird.net

I do thank you for your response NOEL,


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5 hours ago, Gass said:


To answer you with what I find of "if Blackbirds script is readable" it doesn't call out the script but the exe.

lol, its readable, just open Temp folder while script is running

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