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  1. Greetings Noel , WOW - I couldn't even begin to convey such meaning and pain as you have towards the monopoly MS. MS wasn't satisfied there (having this monopoly) though, and since it's a widely accepted OS all over the world. I feel it's moving towards being preeminent ruler of our digital lives with it's OS's. Win 10 Anniversary Update is just another piece of this woven web the spider MS has laid to feed upon us. Our money is not good enough anymore to MS as it wants the last bit of knowledge of, in and about our lives. I'm not highly educated and manage to understand something's
  2. Hi maxXPsoft, I believe Redstone is going to be handeled in the next Blackbird update. Blackbird's site says "Blackbird is regularly updated with new features and whenever critical Windows updates get released." Also I've seen in another forum where Blackbirds Dev. has commented to these issues about Redstone- ""Unfortunately Cortana's been integrated deeper in the OS with Redstone. It's one of the things we wish to solve before releasing the new version. Defender's a bi_c_ to remove too but it can be completely disabled from collecting and sending info back to MS qu
  3. Homepage @ NoelC and others, Maybe this free program can help you strip Windows down even more, or get in touch with the Dev. to share ideals and technics. Works on Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 (Home/Pro/Ent). Maybe your interested - maybe your not, as I searched the forum - it wasn't listed or talked of. Now you know of it. I've played with it some. I lost my pictures thumbnails and wrote to the Dev. about it this was his answer: Blackbird disables folder cache rebuilding. While this speeds up Explorer considerably it may also cause picture thumbnails to no longer show up. You can
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